Meet The Team

Our creative team of videographers, editors, animators, motion graphics experts, writers, producers and digital marketers are all committed to making ‘health content with heart’. When we create content, our goal is to unlock stories that strike a chord on a deep level. While ticking strategic boxes is important, we believe it’s also essential to speak to people’s emotions. And by approaching every story with an open mind and sense of respect, that’s what we’re able to do.

Will - Laundry Lane Director

Will Cordukes

Producer & Director, Laundry Lane

Will has over 20 years experience as a marketing and communications specialist and over 11 years as a content producer. He is a highly experienced interviewer, with a strong understanding of how to get natural, passionate and honest responses from interview subjects. Will plays a central role in conceiving and developing creative concepts for Laundry Lane projects. He is a skilled and empathetic interviewer and story editor and is committed to producing ‘video with heart’.

Alexandra Cordukes

Director, Laundry Lane Health

Alexandra has over 6 years of experience as a director of Laundry Lane Productions having previously run a publicity, events and communications company dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of women and children. Alexandra has a Master in International Public Health and is passionate about the power of video to improve health outcomes. Her communications, public health experience, creativity and project management skills are valuable assets to Laundry Lane projects.

Ashleigh Dyer - Production Manager at Laundry Lane Productions

Ashleigh Dyer

Production Manager

Ashleigh is an experienced and passionate Studio/Production Manager at Laundry Lane, overseeing projects in production from commissioning to final delivery. Having achieved a Bachelor of Communications (Media Arts & Production) at UTS, she jumped straight into producing. Ashleigh has over 6 years experience working across TV ads, digital, social and radio content for a wide variety of clients across many industries including financial, homewares, fashion and more.

Isabel Zakharova - Producer at Laundry Lane Productions

Isabel Zakharova


Isabel is a producer at Laundry Lane, passionate about telling unique stories and the wide range of artistic possibilities in video. She has a Bachelor of Communications (Media & Arts Production) as part of a double degree at UTS and a variety of experience across the creative process for factual and fictional content. In her time at Laundry Lane Isabel has produced work for a variety of clients including AbbVie, AH&MRC, NSW Health and McPhersons.

Jade Stewart - Producer at Laundry Lane Productions

Jade Stewart


Jade is an experienced producer at Laundry Lane passionate about storytelling, particularly where shedding light on an issue can make a tangible impact. After completing a Bachelor of Digital Media at UoW Jade has accumulated years of experience producing for video,  interviewing subjects, post-production and videography. She loves being part of a team where each person contributes their unique set of skills to create a cohesive and beautiful artwork.

Jonty De Klerk

Animation & Motion Graphics Director

Jonty is a motion designer with years of experience working across animation, motion design, and editing, with a passion for bringing visual communication to life. Jonty is also a competent editor and can bring extra flair to filmed footage and edits by integrating bespoke graphic solutions. At Laundry Lane Jonty has worked on projects for Quantium, Respublica, Agency for Clinical Innovation and Fair Work Ombudsman.

Akrom Binkanee

Animation & Motion Graphics Designer

Akrom obtained a Bachelor of Media (Screen and Sound Production) at UNSW. Through his animations and design, Akrom strives to inspire people and create stories with feeling; hopefully leaving a positive impact on the viewer. During his time at Laundry Lane, Akrom has worked on projects for clients such as, Cicada Innovations, NSW Health, Investment NSW, Agency for Clinical Innovation, Medicine X, Lifeline and Vertex Security.

Matthew Broadstock - Animation & Motion Graphics Designer at Laundry Lane Productions

Matthew Broadstock

Animation & Motion Graphics Designer

Matt is an animator and motion graphics designer at Laundry Lane, motivated by telling powerful stories through illustrations with impactful movement and transitions. With a Bachelor of Design & Visual Communication from WSU, Matt has experience across motion graphics and data visualisation. In his time at Laundry Lane Matt has worked with many clients including the Fair Work Ombudsman, Breast Cancer Trials and Cicada Innovations.

Charmaine Kwok Headshot - Laundry Lane Team

Charmaine Kwok

Junior Motion Graphics Animator

Charmaine is an animator at Laundry Lane having recently finished her Bachelor of Design in Animation at UTS. She has experience creating animation in various styles but specialises in 2D cell animation. Her short film ‘After Hours’ was selected and shown in Annecy Mifa 2021. Charmaine loves how animation allows you to tell stories, create things out of your imagination and bring characters and sketches to life.

Alex Armour

Videographer & Editor

Alex completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Television Production at Charles Sturt University. Ale is highly competent in directing talent in a multitude of situations including interviews, pieces to camera, live crosses and overlay. At Laundry Lane, Alex has filmed and edited projects for ASIC, Western Sydney University, Department of Health, Hays Recruitment, University of Sydney, Australian Dental Association, Cancer Institute NSW.

Jack Rubinstein - Jack Rubinstein Videographer & Editor at Laundry Lane Productions

Jack Rubinstein

Videographer & Editor

Jack is an experienced Videographer and Editor with a passion for visual storytelling and a background in documentary filmmaking. Jack is also a skilled motion graphics designer and animator. Since joining Laundry Lane Jack has filmed and edited projects for clients such as Services Australia, Digital Transformation Agency, St John Ambulance, Abbvie, AH&MRC, Cancer Council NSW and Ramsay Healthcare.

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