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The Impact of Video Marketing

How Do Businesses Benefit From Video Marketing?

In an increasingly digital marketing landscape, it’s difficult to stand out amongst the range of media traffic we are exposed to every day.
Using video strategies as a part of your digital marketing strategy helps your business engage interest, convey messages more effectively, and aid in information retention.

Is Video Marketing Important for SEO?

Videos are important for SEO and broader marketing strategies. Studies demonstrate that audiences spend significantly more time on webpages with video content that those without. Thus, it’s important to consider the increasingly prominent role of video in this technology in order to foster more engagement with your videos and company.

Why Has Video Marketing Become More Important?

In 2019, marketing strategies revolve around audience exposure with a wide range of digital platforms. Thus, it’s important to recognise that viewers engage more effectively with visual stimuli – retaining 90% of video messaging compared to only 10% of what they read.

Why Should Companies Use Video In Their Marketing Strategy?

In today’s digital environment, visual marketing should be a core component of any business’ strategy. Over 60% of all online traffic is video via a mobile device (Cisco, 2016) –this highlights the importance of unique visual media in order to compete for the decreasing attention span of a modern audience.

How Can Businesses Implement Video Marketing To Stand Out From Industry Competitors?

Whether to promote your business, educate viewers, or engage with target markets, video is proven to be a more effective tool to facilitate audience immersion. Illustrating your message with animation or motion graphics can further assist in making your company stand out from others in the field.

What Video Marketing Platforms Should Businesses Use?

Businesses can implement a range of media, from short, eye-catching videos that spark viewer interest and foster brand recognition, (like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) to more in-depth formats. Distributing longer clips on platforms like Youtube/Vimeo provides an opportunity to distribute more informative, engaging stories where viewers can follow up interest precipitated on other streams of media.

Why Use A Video Production Company For Your Video Marketing?

Utilising a professional video agency to create eye-catching content for your brand enhances visual storytelling; providing expertise in fields like cinematography, animation, editing, and motion graphics.

How Can Businesses Utilise Animation And Motion Graphics To Convey Their Company Message?

Animation can bring any concept to fruition by obsolescing the limitations of live action video – meaning you can illustrate your message in a completely unique, easily processed format.

Why Are Animation and Motion Graphics More Eye-Catching Than Simple Text or Video?

Animation can build on the visually instructive properties of video – which, especially in a market saturated with media content, helps your clips stand out and gain more traction.

How Can Professional Cinematography Impact Your Business’s Digital Marketing Strategy?

Utilising expertise in cinematography improves the professionalism of your visuals – implementing techniques like drone footage, time lapses, and latest equipment developments.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a method of stimulating interest in a brand or organisation that involves distributing relevant content to attract a specific audience, without explicitly “selling” a message. This could include constructing eye-catching videos that spark interest and direct attention to more informative, in-depth mediums – where audiences can follow up awareness precipitated on other streams of media.

How Do I Make a Marketing Video?

There are many things to consider in the construction of an effective marketing video. When brainstorming a concept, it’s essential to consider your target audience and the message or “call-to-action” you want to depict. Do you aim to raise awareness? Or perhaps encourage people to donate? Share? Advocate? Choosing an experienced video production company ensures your message will be creatively and authentically translated throughout the planning, shooting, and post production process.

How Do You Make An Effective Video?

The key to getting your message across efficiently is creating engaging, unique visuals that stand out from the clutter of digital media we are bombarded with every day. Keep your idea simple, and visually map it out with storyboards, allowing for it’s more effective realisation through striking cinematography (or motion graphics, to illustrate more complex concepts.)

What To Avoid When Making A Marketing Video

In today’s digital landscape, creating strong video content for your business is essential. A successful video marketing strategy will allow you to reach a variety of markets and effectively convey your message to your target audience. Organisations of all shapes and sizes can employ of the power of video marketing – however, there are many things to consider and mistakes to avoid when developing your video marketing strategy. These might include – not knowing your audience, only using one platform, failing to tell a story, not using captions, or simply boring your audience.

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What Are Examples Of Video Marketing Strategies?

A well rounded marketing strategy should include a range of visual platforms, with video proving a key tool – studies show that viewers retain around 90% of video messaging, compared to only 10% of what they read. Mediums like social media clips can be implemented to foster brand recognition and raise awareness, directing audiences to more in depth formats. These longer, more informative videos (distributed on company websites or platforms like YouTube) can be strategized to educate internal or external customers.

What Are Some Good Video Marketing Techniques?

Video Marketing techniques to consider include eye catching animation or motion graphics – to simplify your message and make it stand out! As part of a wider strategy, video marketing can also be used as part of online awareness campaigns, social media promotions, or B2B corporate relations.

How Does Video Improve SEO?

SEO is an important digital marketing tool to foster engagement with your company’s online presence. Why video? The average person spends 88% more time on a website with a video – reinforcing the importance of including visual content in broader marketing strategies in order to optimize search results.

What Is B2B Marketing?

Business to Business marketing involved the distribution of information, products or services between internal customers or other companies – requiring a more specific and tailored approach than regular B2C marketing. Video is an increasingly important instrument in this area – allowing for targeted, informative, and engaging content to promote your organisational message and connect with corporate audiences.

Why Invest In Training Videos?

Visual education in the workplace is transforming corporate training and the way employees understand the messages & processes of their organisation. Constructing engaging video content to illustrate best practice & procedure demonstrations, staff training, orientation, as well as workplace health, is essential as a training tool to promote information retention – creating a safer and more efficient workplace.

How Can Video Be Used In The Workplace?

In a modern corporate climate of increasingly digitally distributed content, it’s important for businesses to adapt in order to promote more effective learning.

Videos can be incorporated into broader online learning programs or be used to explain specific, isolated information and demonstrate procedures. Why include this in your corporate strategy and learning pathways? The University of Queensland identified the numerous benefits of educational video:

  • Promoting problem solving
  • Facilitating reflection and evaluation
  • Allowing viewers to grasping more difficult concepts,
  • Providing the opportunity for audiences to learn at varied paces
  • Assisting viewers to create their own authentic material

What Is The Video Production Process?

There are three key phases to the production process:


Pre Production

A strong concept is essential to creating an engaging video. As an accomplished video production company, we develop video content as part of innovative marketing strategies – discussing how to best illustrate your business message. Once the creative side is articulated, we facilitate the development of script, location scouting, casting, equipment, crew, and shot lists, to ensure everything is in place to construct effective content.



The carefully planned video production phase brings together the cinematographic expertise, crew, talent, props and location in order to capture the content needed for an effective corporate video. Material for elements like motion graphics, animation or voice-overs will also be produced in this stage.


Post Production

Innovative post production phases involve a professional standard of editing, colouring, cutting and organizing the footage captured. Choosing an experienced video production companies ensures focus on retaining the informative quality of your videos whilst keeping them engaging and eye-catching. To achieve this, videos can often include text, motion graphics, animation, or 3D animation, which will be combined with the final product in this process.

How Do Businesses Benefit From Video?

There are countless benefits to implementing video as part of a broader marketing or corporate strategy, through enabling the targeting of specific demographic markets and promotion of your business’ message.

Videos can impact organisations through educating both internal and external clients, showcasing your profile and services, as well as promoting company communications. As well as increasing media traffic and SEO, video’s inherent accessibility increases the availability of demonstrative learning in the workplace, such as employee training videos illustrating corporate practices.

Why Use Recruitment Videos?

With today’s corporate communication increasingly taking place online, creating recruitment videos is an innovative & smart way to connect with future employees.   Potential employees engage with organisations using a variety of online platforms, and video is a powerful tool that can streamline this process for both sides.

What Should A Good Recruitment Video Include?

Recruitment video content can include overviews of your company’s people, values, culture & illustrate the kind of skills you’re looking for, as well as sharing more details about the specific roles and opportunities. Above all, it creates a tangible picture of your office and employees, allowing prospective recruits to experience first hand the work environment you can offer.

Why Use Animated Overlays ?

Animated text and images can be used to reinforce the messages being presented in live action video – meaning you can illustrate your message in a completely unique & easily understood format. This hybrid style (real video footage + motion graphics) is a powerful communication tool that is eye-catching, emotive and informative. Research has also proven that this technique also results in high memory retention.

How Can Video Be Used To Inspire?

The Not-For-Profit and Health sectors have seen a massive adoption of video communication. Why? Video’s ability to inspire and emote.

By overlaying real stories with instructive animation, clips can be utilised to motivate and uplift, promoting authentic stories and voices that connect with viewers undergoing similar issues or facing the same obstacles.

How Can Video Be Used To Inform?

Video is becoming more and more necessary for any public campaign – your content can help raise awareness, distribute important public messages, or promote information surrounding community livelihoods.

Should I Use Vertical or Square Video?

Short, eye-catching content can spark viewer interest and brand recognition, so it’s important to have content that is accessible and stands out. For this reason, Vertical videos  (often used in stories or pop ups, which are quickly swiped through ) can be an effective tool to grab your audience’s attention and retain it, taking up more salient space on a mobile device.

Alternatively, square content is more versatile as it can be used across a wider range of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter, whilst being not as alienating as vertical clips are if watched on a computer or other device. 

How Should I Identify Target Viewers?

Think about the demographic you are producing video for – Consider how they engage with content – what do they enjoy? What are their goals? Needs? Interests? Lifestyles? Aspirations? Where are they going to view your content? (email newsletter? Instagram? Linkedin?)

Video Production in the Healthcare Industry

Why Use A Video Agency In The Healthcare Industry?

Choosing a production company experienced with video within the healthcare industry is essential. This ensures a compassionate approach to storytelling, enabling clients to inform, engage, and portray authentic voices that genuinely help people.

How Can Video Be Utilised In The Healthcare Industry?

Video is an increasingly important tool in the healthcare industry as it has the potential to provide more easily accessible information to audiences everywhere. Visual content can portray messages more effectively – raising awareness, unpacking medical jargon, and promoting instructional clips.

How Can The Healthcare Industry Benefit From The Use Of Animation And Motion Graphics?

Animation and motion graphics can further benefit the health industry by providing the opportunity to create content beyond the boundaries of live action video, helping videos illustrate complex concepts or instructional medical jargon.

How Can The Healthcare Industry Implement Explainer Videos?

Explainer videos are a growing necessity in the health care industry – studies have proven visual demonstration fosters more effective information retention and this can improve the accessibility of procedural instructions for healthcare experts.

Video Production in the Not For Profit Industry

Why Use A Video Agency In The Not For Profit Sector?

Videos are becoming the most important tool organisations use to project their messages to their audience. Furthermore, videos provide the greatest platform to tell a story that evokes an emotion response from viewers. 

How Can Video Be Utilised In The Not For Profit Sector?

Videos provide the greatest medium for not for profits to show viewers why it is imperative they become a donor. Numerous Not for profits have stated that personalised video has been the best way to connect with donors of all ages.  

How Can The Not For Profit Sector Benefit From The Use Of Animation and Graphics?

Animations and motion graphics enable not for profits to go further with their storytelling and engage with their audience at a higher level. 

How Can The Not For Profit Sector Implement Explainer Videos ?

Explainer videos are used quite frequently by Not for profits as they provide the perfect format for efficiently conveying to an audience why they should become a donor.  

Video Production In The Corporate Sector

What Is Corporate Video Marketing ?

Corporate video marketing is the process of utilising video to reach a corporate organisations desired target audience. 

Why Use A Video Agency In The Corporate Sector?

Video is one of the most effective training tools available. Due to its audio-visual nature, it can bring some elements of communication that are otherwise not present in other mediums for training. 

How Can Video be utilised in the Corporate Sector for Training Purposes?

Corporate training video production is a cost effective investment for corporate organisations. The benefits of a highly effective training program can have a huge impact on a company’s efficiency and productivity.

How Can A Corporate Company Benefit From The Use Of Animation And Graphics?

Animation and graphics can be utilised in corporate training videos to engage with an audience more effectively and thoroughly express key learning factors through presenting more interesting visuals. 

Video Production In The Government Sector

Why Use A Video Agency In The Government Sector?

Video can be utilised to both inform and engage – promoting the accessibility of personal, authentic stories across a broad range of digital platforms. Furthermore, video can be utilized to help with fundraising campaigns, raising awareness, project launches, and promoting public service messages. Video content can additionally assist in the education and training of personnel.

In a modern communications landscape, video is a significant tool to illustrate important information and help governmental  organisations connect with their targeted audience.


How Can Video Be utilised In The Government sector?

Video can be utilised to both inform and engage – promoting the accessibility of personal, authentic stories across a broad range of digital platforms. Furthermore, video can be utilized to help with fundraising campaigns, raising awareness, project launches, and promoting public service messages. Video content can additionally assist in the education and training of personnel.

How Can A Government Organisation Benefit From The Use Of Animation And Graphics?

Utilising Motion graphics and Animation helps your clips stand out and gain more traction in the clutter of today’s media market. They can also be used to build on the visually instructive properties of a video.  

How Can A Government Organisation Benefit from Explainer Videos?

A policy education video enables new ideas and information to be presented through animated videos, presenting information in a way people understand. Explainer videos for government services are vital are as their websites can often be confusing to navigate, animated videos outline these procedures in relatable way. 

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