AbbVie ‘Let Me Be Clear’ Campaign Case Study

By December 17, 2022 April 12th, 2023 Case Study

AbbVie: Let Me Be Clear Campaign

Through a targeted,patient-centric approach to research and development, AbbVie accelerates new scientific discoveries to address some of the most complex diseases in the world, while their services and partnerships help them to create greater access and outcomes for the health of all Australians.

Our Relationship with AbbVie

Laundry Lane have been working with AbbVie for a number of years and have developed a great working relationship with a number of departments throughout the organisation. After a number of years working on video projects exclusively, we expanded our service offering to include our in house digital marketing services. In 2021, AbbVie chose Laundry Lane as one of their digital partners and since then we have worked on a number of campaigns from ideation and video development to distribution across various social media platforms.

The Campaign: Let Me Be Clear

We have worked on a number of campaigns with AbbVie including: Let Me Be Clear (Eczema), World Cancer Day, World Atopic Eczema Day, Hepatitis C Awareness and CLL Oncology. For the purposes of this case study, we will discuss ‘Let Me Be Clear’; one of the largest campaigns we have worked on with AbbVie that has involved both the video production/animation team and the marketing team at Laundry Lane. 

The Brief

The goal was to develop a media campaign to promote and evolve the ‘Let Me Be Clear’ website and movement. The Let Me Be Clear Campaign was designed to empower people living with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis to seek the best possible treatments available and live life as fully as possible in spite of having the disease.

The key outcomes of the campaign were to:

  • Build AbbVie’s reputation as a leader in Dermatology
  • Empower patients to expect more from treatment and from their interactions with healthcare professionals
  • Educate patients about psoriasis in order for them to take a more active role in their own treatment
  • Encourage connection and unity within the psoriasis community in order to improve quality of life for patients. 

This key messaging for this campaign was all about empowerment. As empowerment is not currently the status quo for psoriasis patients, AbbVie wanted this campaign to almost jolt patients out of a sense of apathy and resignation around their disease state. Ultimately, they wanted to encourage them to believe in the idea of a better future with psoriasis.

The Assets

Laundry Lane produced one case study, 2 interview on the couch sessions and 4 social media cut downs for this campaign.

Digital Strategy

We proposed a strategy that involved Facebook & Instagram Advertising to reach AbbVie’s target audience. To do this, we targeted Facebook and Instagram users with interest in recognised Psoriasis groups. We also targeted specific demographics, connections, lookalike audiences, custom audiences and used retargeting strategies to take people through a specific marketing funnel dependent on their engagement and interaction with the campaign. The campaign ran for four weeks overall, broken down into two 2 week periods.

The Results

We’ve had a great response to the campaign. As it progressed the engagement stayed consistently high and we were able to achieve great results, as follows:

  • Impressions: 1,348,047
  • Reach: 556,927
  • Est. Ad Recall: 65,000

This campaign was successful in generating a conversation about life with Psoriasis and to encourage psoriasis patients to believe in the idea of a better future with psoriasis.

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