Department of Employment: SelfStart Case Study

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Selfstart Explainer Video Case Study

This explainer video for the Department of Employment created by Laundry Lane is unique as it has no voice-over or verbal cues. The video relies purely on the visuals and the sound effects to drive the narrative of the video as well as inform and educate the audience on SelfStart and its services. This video proves that all forms and variations of audio and video can be used to suit a business and support their message and aim.

Interview with Santiago, Art Director and Motion Graphics Artist

  1. What was the brief for the SelfStart explainer video?

The brief was to create a short and engaging video to encourage people to be their own bosses. It had to be primarily text driven, since it is going to be played with no sound. This mean no voice over was required.

  1. What approach did you use to explain SelfStart?

We used plain colours, extremely simple graphics and words merged into the scenes for a quick and directed reading. A clear example of this is the words ‘steps’ is actually the first step, which draws the eye path towards the text.

  1. What were the challenges of the project? (no voice-over, text to drive narrative, time length)

There were no great challenges with this project, we had freedom and the limits imposed by the client, the short length and no voice over, drives the creativity and helped the project flow. The script was very simple, clear and we worked really well with the client with kited changes throughout the creative process. One of the challenges was the fact that the video had to be dynamic and at the same time give time to build script in the audience’s brain, picking words from different scenarios, so by the end the message is delivered. But again, the videos is going to be shown in a loop, which gives all viewers an opportunity to understand the message the video aimed to achieve.

  1. Why did you incorporate sound effects?

While the video was not going to be presented with sound, the video was also going to be posted to social media, which meant there needed to be a sound element. The music helps with atmosphere to engage the audience and create a mood, and the use of sound makes every scene easier to be quickly understood.

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Department of Employment: SelfStart Case Study
Article Name
Department of Employment: SelfStart Case Study
This explainer video for the Department of Employment is unique as it has no voice-over or verbal cues. It relies purely on the visuals and sound effects.
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Laundry Lane Productions
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