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'Video with Heart' is at the core of everything we do. It is finding the heart of the story, bringing empathy and understanding to our creative approach, interviews and editing. We strongly believe that video is the most powerful tool for creating awareness and positive change. Our team is committed to bringing 'heart' to everything we do. This means a focus on producing authentic video content that's inspirational, educational, or promoting products, services and programs that better the lives of others.

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We use video to help organisations
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NPS MedicineWise 1:19

We created a series of 3 videos for NPS MedicineWise about giving children the right dose of medicine in order to prevent over dosing resulting in poisoning.

AbbVie 2:35

Bringing new medicines to patients is challenging. This animation shows how the journey of developing new medicines brings together different organisations and people who are driven by the desire to make a real impact on people’s lives.

Medical Devices Fund – NSW Health 5:53

Showcasing the innovative technology and recipients of NSW Health’s highly acclaimed Medical Devices Fund

NSW Health – Medical Devices Program 3:35

The Medical Device Commercialisation Program is designed to increase the commercialisation literacy of their research and clinical population.

NHMRC – Translation Research Centres 0:29

We filmed a series of videos (4 case studies with shorter social media videos) for NHMRC about Advanced Health Research and Translation Centres and Centres for Innovation in Regional Health (Translation Centres).

NHMRC – Vulnerable Groups 4:44

These are leading centres of excellence and collaboration in health and medical research, research translation, research-infused education and training and outstanding health care.

Video is a highly effective tool to inspire, educate and inform your target audience.

We blend creativity with strategic marketing expertise to produce video that is engaging and talks directly to the needs of your viewers.

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What our clients say

Laundry Lane has been a pleasure to work with. Their empathetic approach to storytelling is evident in the way they approach each project.

Constantly impressed by their customer service, attention to detail, competence and professionalism.

We've worked with Laundry Lane for the past few years and really trust them with our projects. They always put our patients at ease too, which is really important.

We were so impressed with Laundry Lane's filming, editing skills & professionalism. They really captured the essence of Inala.


Hays commissioned Laundry Lane to produce an animation about our Hays Salary Guide. They were great to work with and we are really happy with the product. We look forward to working with them again.