Breast Cancer Trials: Video Case Study

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Video Case Study: Breast Cancer Trails

“I couldn’t recommend Laundry Lane more. This is a fantastic small business, which is professional, helpful and demonstrates genuine care and attention in their work. Not only did they bring ideas to the table, that supported our vision in the creation of a range of videos, but they also brought sensitivity to interviews on difficult topics and a strong knowledge of research and health issues. I’ve made several videos with Laundry Lane now and I always enjoy the experience of working with their friendly, warm and fun team.”

-Anna Fitzgerald, Communications Manager at Breast Cancer Trials

Client: Breast Cancer Trials (Australia & NZ)

Who are Breast Cancer Trails?

Breast Cancer Trials are a group of world-leading breast cancer doctors and researchers based in Australia and New Zealand committed to exploring and finding better treatments for people affected by breast cancer through clinical trials research. For 40 years, their work has improved the treatment of this disease, led to changes in the way breast cancer is managed and saved millions of lives through global research cooperation. Clinical trials are necessary to find out if new treatments are more effective than those currently accepted as the best available standard treatment.

Project scope: Directing, filming, editing of a video series, integrating Breast Cancer Trials re-branding.

Deliverables: 30+ videos for website and social media

Challenge: First of all, one of the main challenges was to break down complex, medical jargon and condense it into a way where each trial is explained in a clearly within digestible videos suited for an all-encompassing audience. Also, we had to make sure our interviewees were in a comfortable environment for them to share their personal experiences, as well as making sure the questions were asked in a sensitive, non-invasive way.

Outcome: The result was a set of structured but authentic interviews with several founders, doctors, researchers, participants and supporters edited into short, succinct videos- each dealing with a key message or story. The new brand was successfully integrated into the intro and outro slides as well as the titles, and we created a new lower third for the trials group to use ongoing.



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