Healthcare Video Production: Using Video to Raise Awareness

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Healthcare Video Production: Using Video to Raise Awareness

2 in 3 Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer


Client: Cancer Council NSW

Objective: Raise awareness about the Improve Your Long Game Campaign which promotes the use of sun protection to 40+ male golfers

Target Audience: Managers of golf clubs throughout NSW.

Call to Action: “Join the growing team of golf professionals and managers across NSW who are actively promoting this life-saving sun protection program in clubs.” – Paul Gow, Pro Golfer and Cancer Council NSW Ambassador.

Video techniques: Real footage, special effects and motion graphics.

Healthcare Video Production: Using Video to Raise Awareness

Video is having an increasingly powerful impact in the healthcare industry, especially when it comes to video for healthcare promotions and raising awareness for campaigns, making it a key communication tool. Skin cancer is a massive public health issue in Australia, and Cancer Council NSW have developed targeted campaigns to address the issue. Rather than having a ‘one size fits all’ approach, they have strategically identified key target audience groups for their health promotion campaigns. These include employers, primary schools and sporting groups. As with any good communications campaign, having a specific target audience and tailoring the video to that group will have greater resonance and impact than trying to speak to everyone at once. In this case the primary audience was managers of golf clubs around NSW.

This video, which is promoting the Improve Your Long Game program showcases real people with real stories that the target audience can relate to and identity with. This authentic approach ensures that the viewers will be more receptive to the messaging in the video. Rather than having a professional voiceover artist, the video is narrated by golf club mangers sharing their personal stories (emotive), UV knowledge (awareness) and the benefits of the program (informative). There is a strong call to action at the end by one of the club managers appealing to other club managers to adopt this ‘life saving’ program (empowering).

Authentic video with real people and real footage is extremely effective for delivering health promotion messages and campaigns to target audiences. When animated text and imagery is used to highlight key messages throughout the storyline, they become even more powerful.

So, why is healthcare video production so important and health promotion videos so effective?

  • Video enables an emotional connection
  • Video allows us to effectively use storytelling to humanise an issue
  • Video increases understanding of an issue
  • Video promotes conversation about an issue
  • Video increases awareness of and confidence in an organisation
  • Video empowers people to take action
  • Video can be used to target people directly via email, social media or website

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Healthcare Video Production: Using Video to Raise Awareness
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