Power of Video in Mental Health

By September 11, 2019 February 29th, 2024 Video for Healthcare

It’s been really encouraging to see how many of our clients are focused on creating content addressing issues around mental health. As a video production company, we feel we are just skimming the surface of possibilities in terms of the impact video can have in this area.

We know that mental health impacts so many of us – almost half of the Australian population (45%) will experience a mental illness in their lifetime. So it makes sense that we continue prioritise mental health in the way we communicate as both people and as organisations. And while most would agree we are doing better here, there’s still tons of work to do to help raise awareness, reduce stigma, and engage and direct people to appropriate clinical and other supports.

Videos featuring stories of lived experience with mental health are particularly powerful. I’m always amazed how many brave people there are out there who are willing to talk openly about their own metal health struggles. It’s not only that we learn and retain so much morefrom a personal account, it’s the fact that these stories help normalise mental illness and can make it a bit easier for the next person to share their story – if only with trusted

We are also creating more animated videos in the area. The advantage of animation is that it can talk to a broader audience. It also allows us to develop highly visual creative canvasses for explaining issues and solutions that can help people improve their approach their mental health. Author and illustrator Matthew Johnstone is doing fantastic things in this space, and we’re lucky enough to be working with him on a really important campaign for the WHO right now. We’re looking forward to sharing this with you soon.

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