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Press Release

30 July 2020

There’s a new wellness channel that helps to reduce patient stress and anxiety while in hospital. It couldn’t be more timely.

Laundry Lane Productions, in partnership with Drawn from Experience, are extremely proud to launch the Wellness Channel – a patient wellbeing solution that helps reduce stress and anxiety while in hospital. The Wellness Channel is a fully bespoke and unique offering for any hospital or health care provider who wants the best outcome for their patients and staff.

Entering a hospital for many patients can be a highly daunting and stress inducing experience. Illness, discomfort, uncertainty, loss of independence, alienation and lack of sleep are all realities of the patient experience and unfortunately health providers such as nurses often lack the time and resources to effectively address patient mental wellbeing. 

The Wellness Channel wants to turn that all around with its

  • expert staff advice
  • health and wellbeing tips & strategies
  • breathing exercises
  • mindfulness techniques
  • beautiful & serene nature footage.

The Wellness Channel offers a simple, cost effective and accessible way for hospitals and other health services to directly address anxiety and mental health issues patients often experience in the hospital system and beyond.

Not only does it help patients, it also assists nurses by bringing a sense of calm and ‘start a conversation’ around mental wellbeing. The channel therefore offers both direct and indirect benefits for patients and health professionals in the hospital system.

The Wellness Channel was trialled as a pilot in Royal North Shore Hospital and is now being scaled up across all major hospitals in the Northern Sydney Local Health District. Clinical research into the pilot confirmed the feasibility of the Wellness Channel and its potential to reduce stress and anxiety in patients. According to Associate Professor Caryl Barnes, Senior Staff Specialist & Consultation Liaison Psychiatry at Royal North Shore Hospital, ‘The Wellness Channel can really help you manage stress of being in hospital by showing you how to relax by calming your mind and body.’

“It is vital that we continue to focus on ways of improving the mental health and wellbeing of patients, caregivers and staff. We feel that our mixed media approach provides people with really accessible tools to bring greater calm to their time in hospital,” said Will Cordukes, Director, Laundry Lane Productions

The Wellness Channel can provide tailored wellbeing solutions that can make a real difference to people’s health. According to Will Cordukes, Director of Laundry Lane Productions, “content always needs to be relatable and that’s why this is not a one size fits all product. Each organisation will have the opportunity to develop branded content that is relevant to their own patient or staff cohort. We can also develop culturally appropriate content for CALD and Indigenous communities.”

As a customisable video product, the Wellness Channel can be streamed to existing hospital TV channels or via personaldevices such as iphones, tablets or laptops. Whilst it was originally designed for patients in hospital its application is far broader. It can be also tailored to both pre-hospital & post hospital patient experiences as well outpatient services such as chemotherapy and radiation.

Laundry Lane Productions are leaders in healthcare and wellbeing content production, and Matthew Johnstone (Drawn from Experience) brings nearly 20 years experience as a creative communicator in the area of mental health & wellbeing. 

“By integrating the Wellness Channel into hospitals across Australia we feel that we can really make a positive difference to patient and staff wellbeing. It’s all good medicine,” says Matthew Johnstone.


For more information about the Wellness Channel please contact:

Alexandra Cordukes

Director, Laundry Lane Productions

(m) 0422 291 734

The Wellness Channel is a patient wellbeing solution and is part of the Laundry Lanes ongoing commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of people in our local communities.