Tips for Healthcare Marketers Choosing a Video Partner

Video provides countless benefits for healthcare marketers, giving organisations an opportunity to connect, educate and build trust among patients and consumers.

At Laundry Lane, we have found that focusing on the human element of each story, getting past the jargon, focusing on real people and genuine emotion has been particularly effective in the healthcare industry.

However, we understand that with many options available to organisations, choosing a video production partner can be a challenging process.  

Below are five key points to consider when choosing a healthcare video partner:


  1. Healthcare Focused

Your healthcare video partner should be well versed in the unique challenges that health and medical organisations face. There is a lot of specific jargon, sensitive topics and complex issues in the healthcare industry that can present communication challenges for patients and consumers. It is therefore crucial that your healthcare video partner has relevant experience and a deep understanding of this specialist area. 

  1. Committed Expertise 

Your video [partner needs to demonstrate the  skills and compassion required to interview patients and consumers around often sensitive and complex subjects. Just as importantly, they should align with your marketing strategy and objectives, for example, ensuring video communications have a clear call to action, and link back to established branding guidelines and practices.

Your video partner must also have a strong understanding of trends and expectations in the healthcare industry, along with a proven background in facilitating connections between healthcare organisations and their respective patients and consumers.

  1. Engaging Content 

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a healthcare provider is their experience in producing video content in this specialist area. From animation and explainer videos to educate patients, to internal training videos for staff – it is vital that the content appeals and resonates with its intended audience. 

Digital trends must also be observed and taken into consideration when producing content and planning it’s delivery. 

An ideal video partner will also maximise the potential of the content they create, from creating social media cutdowns to optimising video for an array of platforms – they should open the door for you to get the very most out of your content.

  1. Strengthened Efficiency 

Improved efficiency goes beyond time. Choosing a healthcare video partner that has all of its resources in house is invaluable in terms of allowing a more responsive and streamlined service. If video, editing, animation and digital marketing is all offered under the one roof you have more chance of creating a successful campaign that can be monitored and optimised.

  1. Communication 

An open conversation between a video partner and a healthcare marketer is crucial to the success of the video project. Video partners must include healthcare marketers in every stage of their creative process, ensuring that there is a clear roadmap that outlines the strategic objectives they intend to achieve.

At Laundry Lane, we aim to establish a great working relationship with each of our clients. For a more thorough insight into our process, check out the videos below where one of our producers, Alex, talks through the pre-production process and the post-production process and highlights the importance of effective communication.


Post Production 

Choosing a video production partner in the healthcare industry can be a challenging process. We would love to have a chat to see if we’re the right fit for you.

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