Demystifying the Myths of NFP Video Production

By November 17, 2020 February 29th, 2024 Video for NFP

Despite the facts and figures indicating a strong need for Not-For-Profits to engage their audience through video, there are some misconceptions that hold organisations back from capitalising on the medium that best connects with their supporters. Here are some myths that we encourage you to challenge.

MYTH 1: Producing videos is too expensive

The amount you choose to invest in video marketing will depend on your budget and marketing goals. Whilst it is true that anyone with a mobile phone can produce videos, it is worth thinking carefully about how video will best enable you to connect authentically with your audience within the scope of your budget. This might mean a combination of high-quality professional videos alongside simple (even smart phone created) videos for social media viewing. There are myriad forms, lengths and styles that marketing videos can take and these can be adapted to suit your organisation’s budgets. Not all videos need to be major in productions in order to make an impact. Short, simple videos with clear messaging can generate just as much cut-through and added awareness for your organisation.

MYTH 2: Videos take too much time to plan, prepare and execute

Having little to no experience in video production can make the process appear daunting. Educating members of your team on the steps involved with the help of a digital and video marketing company is a great method for developing an understanding of what is really required for video marketing. Working to develop a video marketing process and strategy, often makes the scope of such a project more achievable. Remember, approach your strategy step by step, and focus on one communications challenge at a time. If your organisation does not have internal capacity for video production, external production companies can provide comprehensive end-to-end content creation as well as facilitating education for you and your organisation about how to get the most out of the process.

MYTH 3: Our organisation doesn’t have expertise in this area

Some videos require less expertise than others. Behind the scenes videos showcasing an afternoon inside your organisation or an achievement that was made may simply require a camera, a creative idea and a set of hands. Alternatively, video marketing specialists can provide comprehensive training and education on the key facets of video marketing in order to empower your organisation to maximise potential in the area.

MYTH 4: A video needs to be polished to be attention worthy

Not necessarily. The need for professional quality video depends largely on how and where you intend to use the video. For example, a video to inspire donations at a charity event needs to be emotive, professional and engaging. On the other hand, as seen during the Australian bushfires, mobile phone footage can be highly impactful and effective in driving support and donations to the cause.

Choosing a video production partner can be a challenging process.
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