Infographic: Non Profit Marketing Trends 2021

By January 13, 2021 February 2nd, 2024 Video for NFP

 Non-Profit Marketing Trends 2021



Sending emails to your entire database no longer yields results. Each email you send should be personally relevant to the people receiving it.

Take a look at your database & split up your audience into groups. Current and frequent donors may be one group, but don’t be afraid to further segment your lists to personalise your appeals.


While your website, Facebook & Instagram remain a priority, NFPs need to take a closer look at other channels available to them & continue to optimise their budgets and efforts for their environment.


The lack of in-person volunteering & event networking opportunities has made the virtual aspect of NFP marketing more important than ever. In 2021, that virtual component will become an essential part of any marketing strategy.


How can you speak directly to your audience? Invest in systems that allow you to build customised messaging for your audience, regardless of channels. Then, build out strategies and communication plans specifically designed to speak to the members of your target audience that may be hesitant.


If you don’t leverage video as part of your marketing efforts, you’re missing out. Video is a powerful tool to forge an emotional connection, engage your viewers and build trust & authenticity over time. You can share behind-the-scenes video footage, or showcase the impact of donations — all powerfully conveying your organisation’s mission.


What about donors who have been active in the past, but no longer are? Now is an opportunity to build a strategy for them. With challenges such as competing organisations, budget constraints & donor fatigue, having a well-planned video strategy is essential to build your profile and increase engagement & support from current & potential donors.

Choosing a video production partner can be a challenging process. We would love to have a chat to see if we're the right fit for you.

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