Not-For-Profit Video: Best Practices

By February 19, 2020 Video for NFP

NFPs can achieve great results with powerful and authentic video storytelling

Laundry Lane are thrilled to be the official video partner for the FIA (Fundraising Institute of Australia) conference in Brisbane next week. We will also be exhibiting at the conference so please drop by our stand (#60) and pick up our NFP Video Marketing White Paper.

Video is the dream communication tool for Not-For-Profits (NFPs). It is an emotive medium, perfect for an inspiring the heart (as well as the mind). Here are a few simple rules to help you engage your audience on an emotional level:


NFPs can achieve great results with powerful and authentic video storytelling.


FOCUS: Focus on the cause and how your organisation is helping people.

RELATE: Show how you are using your donor’s money to make a difference – thank them for their support.

ENGAGE: A powerful story will stay with your audience and help them remember what you do.

EMOTE: Pull on the heart strings. People LOVE real and emotional stories. Through authentic storytelling show how donating to your cause can make a difference.

Video is a powerful tool to forge an emotional connection, engage with your supporters / donors and build trust and authenticity over time. Video can help people really understand your mission and the benefits of the work you do.

However, despite the fact that producing and publishing online video content is easier than it has ever been, it can be overwhelming for marketers in the NFP sector.

With challenges such as competing organisations, budget constraints and donor fatigue, having a well-planned video strategy (including both low-cost mobile content and tailor-made content) is essential to build your profile, increase your engagement and support from current and potential donors…and cut through the clutter.

Whilst we know that most people prefer to consume video content over printed content, producing extensive amounts of video content will not guarantee you improved performance for your organisation.

The challenge for every NFP is firstly how to find its authentic voice and story. You then need to think about your audience. You may have several target audiences: your current supporters and their target segments (age, gender, interests, etc.) and potential supporters. You can then start asking what you want your audience to feel and what you want them to do as a result of watching your videos.

As mentioned, creating a video marketing strategy should be made a priority either through internal capabilities or by consulting video and digital marketing specialists (we can help you with this) to assess the potential for creative storytelling across the breadth of your organisation.

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