4 Tips For Creating Corporate Video Content

In today’s digital climate, corporate communication revolves around engagement with a variety of online platforms.

Video is an important tool to connect with both internal and external clients, able to broaden your reach or translate corporate information into interesting and motivating content.

As part of broader communications pathways, this could mean using video to distribute company messages, promote corporate campaigns, recruit staff, train employees, or connect with clients.

However, creating an effective corporate video strategy requires a more tailored approach than regular content marketing.

So, how do you go about creating great B2B or B2C video content?

1. Think about your audience

First, it’s important to recognise your audience. No matter how engaging or unique your message is, corporate video strategies are ineffectual if not marketed at your target viewers. 

What corporate demographic are you producing video for? Consider how they engage with content – what do they enjoy? what are their goals? Needs? Challenges? Interests? Lifestyles? And importantly…what platforms are they most likely to use (e.g. Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook).

 Brainstorm how you want to connect with your audience – this should both underpin your marketing strategy and motivate creative choices.

Perhaps you are:

Creating an educational training video for young employees?

Promoting a product to the public?

Connecting with B2B clients?

Showcasing a conference night?

Whatever the purpose, it’s essential to explore how your audience engages with media content.  

2. Think about your platforms

Once you’ve pinned down your corporate audience, ask yourself: how will they engage with my content?

With over 60% of all digital mobile traffic being video (Cisco, 2016), there’s a multitude of online platforms through which to promote your message.

 Businesses can implement a range of media, from short, eye-catching videos that spark viewer interest and foster brand recognition, (like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) to more in-depth formats. Distributing longer clips on platforms like Youtube or Vimeo provides an opportunity to distribute more informative, engaging stories where viewers can follow up interest precipitated on other streams of media.

Including video on company websites is also a powerful corporate tool, beneficial to SEO and media traffic – with audiences spending significantly more time on webpages with video content that those without. 

 Because of this, as an important part of modern marketing strategies, utilising a video production company for your corporate video can assist in the targeting of specific demographic markets  and promotion of your business’ message and services – helping YOU stand out.

3. Be Engaging

Even in the sphere of internal communications, it’s important to ensure your content is engaging (and authentic).

Video in the workplace is transforming corporate interactions and the way employees understand organisational messages and it is a wonderful tool to promote workplace culture, policies and procedures effectively.

Especially when developing corporate training, it’s important to note that viewers engage more effectively with visual stimuli, retaining 90% of video messaging (compared to only 10% of what they read) – making video an essential training tool!

Despite this, it’s a common mistake for corporate videos to be dull or overly informative. For longer content it may be as simple as breaking up the video into more digestible chapters.

4. Be Authentic

Finally, in order to genuinely connect with your audience, it’s important to portray your character, and not just your work. Depicting company culture in your videos gives audiences a peek into your organisation’s culture and people, humanising your message.

An engaging way of sparking interest and viewer trust, clips could include day-in-the-life employee interviews, office culture snaps, as well as behind the scenes of the daily operations and hard work that goes into your organisation and services.

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4 Tips For Creating Corporate Video Content
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