8 Answers to Your Questions About Video Production

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1. How Do Businesses Benefit From Video Marketing?

In an increasingly digital marketing landscape, it’s difficult to stand out amongst the range of media traffic we are exposed to every day. It is important to recognise that viewers engage more effectively with visual stimuli – retaining 90% of video messaging compared to only 10% of what they read. Using video content as a part of your digital marketing strategy helps your business engage with their target audience, convey messages more effectively, and aids in information retention.

2. Is Video Marketing Important for SEO?

Videos are increasingly important for SEO and broader marketing strategies. Studies demonstrate that audiences spend significantly more time on webpages with video content that those without. It’s important to consider that websites with video have a higher organic rank that those without as video is playing an increasingly vital role in increasing conversions and gaining links and social share

3. What Video Marketing Platforms Should Businesses Use?

 In today’s digital environment, visual marketing should be a core component of an organisation’s digital strategy and should be utilised across various platforms. 80% of users recall a video they have viewed in the past 30 days (Hubspot 2019) – this highlights the importance of unique visual media in order to compete for the decreasing attention span of a modern audience.  Organisations can implement a range of media, from short, eye-catching videos that spark viewer interest and foster brand recognition, (like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) to more in-depth formats. Distributing longer clips on platforms like Youtube/Vimeo provides an opportunity to distribute more informative, engaging stories where viewers can follow up interest precipitated on other streams of media.

4. How Can Businesses Utilise Animation And Motion Graphics To Convey Their Company Message?

A powerful strength of animation is its ability to overcome the limitations of live action video – meaning you can illustrate your message in a completely unique format, and explore new visual possibilities for your brand/organisation to play in. Animation (especially via animated text and icons) can also build on the visually instructive properties of video – which, in a market saturated with media content, helps your clips stand out and your key messaging gain more traction.

5. How Can Video Marketing Be Used In The Workplace?

In a modern corporate climate of increasingly digitally distributed content, it’s important for businesses to adapt in order to promote more effective learning. Videos can be incorporated into broader online learning programs or be used to explain specific, isolated information and demonstrate procedures.

6. What Are Some Mistakes To Avoid When Making A Marketing Video?

In today’s digital landscape, creating strong video content for your business is essential. A successful video marketing strategy will allow you to reach a variety of markets and effectively convey your message to your target audience. Organisations of all shapes and sizes can employ of the power of video marketing – however, there are many things to consider and mistakes to avoid when developing your video marketing strategy. These might include – not knowing your audience, only using one platform, failing to tell a story, not using captions, missing the opportunity to include shorter form or ‘cutdown’ versions in your campaign – or simply boring your audience.

7. What Is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a method of stimulating interest in a brand or organisation that involves distributing relevant content to attract a specific audience, without explicitly “selling” a message. This could include constructing eye-catching videos that spark interest and direct attention to more informative, in-depth mediums – where audiences can follow up awareness precipitated on other streams of media. Content Marketing can be a more authentic and effective way of communication in comparison to traditional advertising approaches.

8. Is Video More Effective at Communicating Sensitive Messages?

 As a leading video production company in the healthcare industry, we know that many of the organisations we work with often have important sensitive or emotional messages to share. In these industries, video is an important tool to educate and initiate change – requiring a compassionate approach. Laundry Lane’s experience with authentic storytelling means complex or sensitive issues can be portrayed in a way that is more considerate, appropriate, and informative than other communicational methods. We believe in the importance of amplifying genuine voices in order to help you make a difference.

8 Answers to Your Questions About Video Production
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