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By October 1, 2019 December 18th, 2019 Video Marketing
Laundry Lane Productions Convergence Event Sydney

Laundry Lane is excited to be a sponsor at this year’s Convergence conference in Sydney on Thursday 10 October.

“The one guaranteed constant in technology is change and the adoption of change is accelerating.”

Mike JayConvergence Co-Founder

Convergence combines conference learning on a broad selection of emerging technology, such as Augmented and Mixed Reality, Wearable Technology, the Internet of Things, Robotics, Machine Learning and 3D Printing.

The conference is for executives from a broad range of industries including technology, healthcare, education, property, media, telecommunications, IT, tourism, electronics, marketing, advertising, government, mining, medical, entertainment, automotive, transport, digital, manufacturing and FMCG.

The event offers a very rare chance try out some these new technologies from top global brands such as:

UBTech: A global leading AI and humanoid robotic high-tech company, engaging in R&D, manufacturing, promoting as well as popularizing humanoid robots around the globe.

ACHIEVR: A company dedicated to helping their clients solve tough training challenges by producing cutting-edge experiences using all forms of Immersive Technologies (xR), including Augmented, Mixed, & Virtual Reality (AR/MR/VR). 

Exaptec: A company that operates at the forefront of technology to design, create, build, deploy and support uniquely innovative and disruptive bespoke integrated service robotics automation solutions for clients world-wide.

Laundry Lane will be promoting the benefits of video production and video marketing along with our digital strategy expertise at the event. With so many advances in technology, video can play a critical role in communicating the practical application of high-tech products and services that incorporate technologies such as AI, VR or robotics. 

When it comes to creating videos in this high-tech area, we often combine cutting edge motion graphics with real footage to optimise messaging and engagement. By using an integrated mix real footage, animation (2D & 3D), drone and 360º filming we can create exciting and informative video content for our clients.

Here is a video reel of some of our work in this area:

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