How Can I Use Animated Explainer Videos To Demonstrate a Product or Service?

By November 5, 2019 December 18th, 2019 Video Marketing, Video Styles

Animated explainer videos or how-to videos are a wonderful medium for demonstrating the why, how and benefits of a product or service.

At Laundry Lane, we often get asked by clients to create explainer videos to demonstrate how to use softwares, navigate websites or a use product or service. Rather than filming real video footage and taking people through the steps, it is often far more engaging and easier to understand when this process is created using animation with a scripted voiceover. Studies show the majority of people are watching video content without sound, so we also recommend captioning your video content.

Here is an example of a video that we created for our client Wentworth Healthcare (Nepean Blue Mountains Primary Health Network). They wanted a 60 second animated explainer video that demonstrated the use of online NDIS Support Calculator.

The Support Calculator can be used Australia-wide by current or potential NDIS participants, carers, healthcare and community service professionals to simply and quickly identify what supports may be available through an individualised NDIS funding package.

Their primary message was to introduce the NDIS Support Calculator and show people step by step how to use it.

The process involved:

  1. Writing a script
  2. Designing styles frames to agree on a look and feel based on the client’s branding
  3. Designing the storyboard – a frame to go with each line of script so the client knew exactly what to expect
  4. Sourcing voiceover talent and recording the script
  5. Animating the explainer video with the voiceover
  6. Adding closed captions

Here are a few examples of the storyboard: