Inform and engage your audience with your own Video Thought Leadership Series

By July 15, 2020 February 29th, 2024 Video Marketing, Video Styles
Laundry Lane Productions Thought Leadership Video Series

This is an exciting video marketing trend. Long-form and short-form video series with industry experts exploring relevant and interesting topics can really add value to your existing audience and also broaden your market reach. These series really give you the chance to explore big questions and say something meaningful about the work you do. The audio can be also be turned into a podcast.

Here are some benefits of creating a thought leadership video series:

  • Brings authenticity and credibility to your organisation
  • Positions you and your organisation as leaders in your field
  • Offers exposure and insight into your company or program
  • Adds real value for your audience
  • Gives you the opportunity to interview industry leaders or happy
  • Starts important conversations with your audience
  • Broadens your brand reach and influence
  • Helps build trust and further develop established relationships
  • Perfect content for social media
  • Dramatically impacts on your SEO

How it works…

You select four people that are industry leaders in your area (we can help you identify these). We’ll organise a day that best suits everyone and schedule interviews on the couch in our studio (or an alternative location).

Under our expert direction you will run the interview (because this brings credibility to your CEO/company representative and therefore your organisation).

All interviews can be done back to back for cost efficiency. And from each interview you will get multiple high quality, high engagement video, audio and still photography products to roll out during the year.

We work with you to come up with a video series name and creative look. We will also help you craft your interview questions so that you achieve your desired outcomes and get the most relevant content for your audience(s).

We then design you a fun and engaging intro sting (music and graphics) in keeping with your branding.

Your guests will be welcomed and made to feel comfortable and given coaching for the camera. (And remember they will be excited about having content the can share too.)

We can arrange for a hair and make-up artist and additional set styling if needed. Stills photography will be taken of the shoot that you can use for social media or future promotion of your series.

What you get:

From your shoot day we will create the following content:
·      4 x long form video with captions (optimised for social media)
·      12 x short social media video highlights with captions (square
·      4 x podcasts with intro music sting
·      5-6 stills photos of each interview


Talk to us about developing at Video Thought Leadership Series for your organisation.

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