Organisational Overview Videos

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Organisational Overview Videos

Overview videos are a great way of promoting your organisation and connecting with current and potential customers. Video marketing is an integral aspect of modern brand communications.  This goes beyond promotional and advertising videos, consumers want to see more videos that show your brand personality.  According to Hubspot 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool and of those 87% report video marketing as having positive return on investment (ROI).  

Why make an overview video

Overview videos allow your brand to show who you are and what you do.  In an overview video you can outline the main purpose, culture, operations and benefits of your organisation.  Creating this as a video generates a connection with your audience and establishes . Similarly video has higher information retention than other learning methods, assisted with Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)  and generates great engagement on social media.  Creating an entertaining, informative overview video will help drive customers to your business and assist with conversions.

Deciding on your messaging

A good marketing video has both a clear message and a clear call to action (CTA).  To decide on your key messaging you need to consider the purpose of the communications and consider what main take away do you need your audience to have.  Primarily the message should be what your audience takes away or remembers from your video.  This could be your company ethos, your primary product offering or anything about your business you want your audience to know.  The video should also have a clear CTA, what do you want your audience to do when they have watched the video?  Without outlining a clear direction you risk losing a potential customer by not maintaining their attention or capturing their information.

Deciding on your target market

Who is your audience?  Knowing your target audience will help you create effective, personalised communications.  You need to know when and where your audience will have the opportunity to see your video and this will be dependent on their lifestyle and interests.  Business Australia has a great resource that can help with identifying your target audience for your communications.  It is important to consider your audience for this specific communication as opposed to the target audience for your business overall.

Your opportunities/delivery

Before you start making creative decisions it’s essential to be clear on how and when your audience will view the content.  There are many media formats and channels so it’s important to the creative process to decide what channels your audience use and what formats you want to release.  Some of the main things to consider are format requirements like video sizes and length and optimal format for best viewing rate and engagement.  When you have decided how the video will be delivered you will then be able to make creative decisions with this in mind.

Picking A Video Style

Once you have decided on your video strategy and purpose you can start making creative decisions and one of the most essential is the video style.  There are so many video styles that refer to the form such as an explainer, promotional, case studies and more that you could include in your overview. There are also plenty of other style choices to be made in terms of colour and design, whether the video be text driven or voice over driven or whether it will be animation, real footage or a combination.  This process will often be collaborative between a production company and the client.

What Does The Production Process Look Like?

The process is different for every project, it’s dependent on many factors including the length, video style, target market, deliverables etc.  It can seem daunting if you or your organisation has limited experience with video but Laundry Lane can help you along the process.  The production company can be involved all the way from ideation and scripting to delivery (and even running marketing campaigns).  This infographic indicates what the production process could look like.

Creating Video With Heart

At Laundry Lane Productions our focus is always getting to the heart of the story.  We know that creating video with authenticity sets you apart from the crowd and creates effective, impactful communication. 

Some simple advice we recommend is:

  • Be real and authentic
  • Inspire your viewers
  • Be trustworthy
  • Show who you are
  • Be relatable
  • Tap into genuine emotion

Creating authentic communications helps strengthen the ongoing relationship with your customers and creates the most effective communications.

Laundry Lane Video Production Process

Creating an overview video for your organisation is a great way of connecting with current and potential customers.  Video marketing is a tool every business needs and helping your customers understand who you are is at the forefront of that. Here at Laundry Lane, we are passionate about creating effective, authentic video communications.  

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