Many of our health and NFP clients are using video to promote their services and programs. They are mostly used on their websites, but also played at events or used for funding presentations. Overview videos are a wonderful way of really showing who you are and how you can help. Not only can your CEO and service/program staff be interviewed but you can also see if you can find someone who has benefited from your services to talk about their experiences. People love hearing about other people’s experiences!

Here are two top reasons why you should consider an overview video for your organisation:

1. Program Highlights and Demonstrations

Through video, you can showcase the different services and programs that you offer and educate your audience about the issues that your organisation addresses and the solutions you provide. These videos can provide a behind-the-scenes look at how programs operate, the people involved, and the positive outcomes you achieve. Demonstrating the practical aspects of the programs can instill trust and encourage potential beneficiaries to engage.

2. Storytelling and Impactful Messaging

Video allows you to tell your story in a compelling and emotional way. Through personal testimonials and case studies, you can demonstrate the impact of your services and programs on individuals, communities, or causes that you support. This will help your organisation to create a strong emotional connection with your audience.

You can share your overview video to a range of platforms – your website, social media, at events etc. and also cut it down into shorter social media videos to post across your channels..

Here are some videos that Laundry Lane has made for some of our NFP clients: