Top 4 Benefits of Explainer Videos

By August 23, 2018 October 25th, 2023 Video Marketing, Video Styles

An explainer video is a short and succinct way to deliver your business message and aim, using animation and verbal cues to promote your ideas as well as spark conversation and interest on a digital platform.

Below is our top 4 benefits of explainer videos:

  1. Your message in seconds

One of the most significant advantages of an explainer video is the ability to deliver a message that is aligned with individual aims and ideas, as well as embodying a range of aesthetics to enhance credibility and trust online. A successful explainer video should introduce, explain and advertise all at once, meaning it needs to be enjoyable to watch and grab the audience’s attention, as well as inform and educate.

  1. Visuals and verbal learning

An effective explainer video must appeal to both visual and aural senses in order to reach its full informative potential. Visualisations of ideas along with graphics and animations are just as important as the actual content of the video. In a world of decreasing attention spans, it is important to visually appeal towards the audience to enhance the lasting impact of the video. As well as this, engaging verbal cues mean people who intake information verbally are also being reached effectively. This can be in the form of voice-over, music and sound effects.

3. Mobile friendly

In a society dominated by the online market, short and succinct videos prove to be the most effective platform to appeal to audiences on a large scale. Modern audiences will consistently prioritise dynamic and brief content over videos that are longer and more obviously educational, which gives the explainer video a significant advantage on digital platforms and social media sites. Explainer videos are specifically shareable as they appeal to wider audiences, and their flexibility to represent any businesses design themes or aesthetics mean they are always going to be unique and appealing.

4. Results are easy to follow

In terms of audience engagement, explainer videos are able to deliver feedback from which any business can develop and grow. Interactive platforms and social networks mean that businesses can easily see results in numbers in the form of views and engagements. Comments and shares also provide limitless opportunities for businesses to utilise real-time feedback and consistently improve and update future content to align with their specific target audience. This is integral to business growth and planning, as being in tune with your target audience and their responses to content provides platforms to develop more valuable content.

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Top 4 Benefits of Explainer Videos
An explainer video is a short and succinct way to deliver your business message and aim, using animation and verbal cues to promote your ideas.
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