Video Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

By April 16, 2019 June 5th, 2019 Video Marketing
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In today’s digital landscape, creating strong video content for your business is essential. A successful video marketing strategy will allow you to reach a variety of markets and effectively convey your message to your target audience.

Organisations of all shapes and sizes can employ of the power of video marketing – however, there are many things to consider and mistakes to avoid when developing your video marketing strategy.

Not knowing your target audience

It’s important to invest time in recognising the intended target audience of your videos. From the demographic you are producing content for, to their goals, interests and lifestyles.

Not matter how engaging or unique your video content is, video campaigns (such as those aimed at educating or raising awareness) will not be as effective if they are not marketed at the target viewers. To ensure a successful video marketing campaign, organisations must first identify their target audience to determine their needs and goals. They can then brainstorm how they want to connect with their audience – this should both underpin the marketing strategy and motivate creative choices.

By clearly identifying your target audience, it becomes easier to capture and retain their attention and should be the cornerstone of a successful video marketing campaign.

Only using one platform

As part of a well-constructed video marketing strategy, organisations can implement a range of media platforms to distribute video content. These might range from short, eye-catching videos that spark viewer interest and foster brand recognition, (like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) to more in-depth formats. Distributing longer clips on platforms like Youtube or Vimeo provides an opportunity to distribute more informative, engaging stories where viewers can follow up interest precipitated on other streams of media.

Not telling a story

Video Strategies that are built around authentic stories are more engaging, informative, inspiring – and have a more far-reaching impact than simply informative or ‘ad-like’ videos.

Employing visual storytelling to portraying genuine voices is far more effective at educating your audience, helping you make a difference.

Not including a call to action

Think about the message you are trying to convey in your videos – and what actions you want them to take after watching the video. Do you just want to raise awareness? Or do you want to encourage people to donate? Share? Advocate?

Including a call to action as part of your video marketing strategy establishes concrete connections with your audience (eg. by signing up, learning more, or viewing additional content) and allows them to further engage with your message.

No Captions

Are your videos suitable for mobile? As over 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound, captioning and animation can enhance your content and make it more accessible.

Unprofessional videos

In order to create eye-catching content for your brand and enhance visual storytelling, it’s important to utilise a professional corporate video production company.  Selecting an experienced video production company ensures expertise in fields like cinematography, animation, editing, and motion graphics – helping your message stand out.

Boring your audience

Remember, corporate videos can be engaging too!

Video Communication in the workplace is transforming corporate interactions and the way employees understand organisational messages.

It’s important to note that viewers engage more effectively with visual stimuli, retaining 90% of video messaging, compared to only 10% of what they read – making video an essential training tool.

Despite this, it’s a common mistake for corporate videos to be dull or overly informative – but constructing engaging content is essential to promote information retention and a more efficient workplace!

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Video Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
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