Why Use B2B Marketing Videos?

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In today’s digital climate, it’s important for organisations to adapt in order to promote more effective business-to-business communications.

Video is an increasingly essential tool in this area – helping you connect with corporate audiences and expand your business reach through constructing targeted, informative, and engaging content.

There are countless benefits to video as part of a broader marketing or corporate strategy. So, how do you go about creating great B2B video content?


First, it’s important to identify and understand your target audience. No matter how engaging or unique your message is, B2B strategies are not effective if not marketed at your target viewers.

What corporate demographic are you producing video for?                                                                                        Consider how they engage with content – what do they enjoy? What are their goals? Needs? Interests? Lifestyles? Where are they going to view your content? (email newsletter? Linkedin?)

As well as narrowing down your target audience (the more niche the better), what you aim to achieve through your B2B video should underpin both your marketing strategy and creative choices. A good question to ask yourself is – what are TWO key things that I want my audience to remember or take action on? This shapes the way in which you’ll construct your message.

You can broadcast your brand and services through a variety of engaging and innovative formats – including case studies, thought leadership videos, interviews, social media clips, vox pops, webinars, event videos, animated explainers, or promotional campaign videos.

Whilst organisations of all shapes and sizes can employ this dynamism of video marketing, in order to stand out in the B2B communications sphere it’s important to ensure that your content is both engaging and authentic.

Beginning with eye-catching visuals is one effective way to immediately capture the attention of viewers. A mixture of real footage and animated motion graphics can be very effective – not only sparking interest but also allowing key messages to be deconstructed visually (and, importantly, interestingly!)  This also aids in memory retention of key messages in your video.

Because of this ability to simplify complex topics, video has also become a powerful tool for businesses who need to communicate complicated concepts or technical jargon.

Another B2B engagement tool to promote your product and services to other businesses is showcasing ‘Company Culture.’ These marketing videos give potential customers a peek into your organisation’s people, humour and authenticity – humanising your message. An engaging way of sparking interest and business trust, ‘Culture’ content could include day-in-the-life employee interviews, office clips, as well as behind the scenes of the daily operations and hard work that goes into your organisation and services.

Testimonials and event videos can also help cultivate brand authenticity and exposure. Event footage can be used to promote, raise awareness, record achievements, and document initiatives, and can also be filmed and/or live streamed for those who can’t attend.

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Why Use B2B Marketing Videos?
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