Why Video Testimonials are are must in 2016

By January 19, 2016 February 28th, 2024 Video Marketing, Video Styles

Recent research from Ascent2* has revealed that customer testimonials are ranking the highest when it comes to video marketing success. Video content is an rapidly evolving and exciting area but can be daunting to those who have limited funds to commit to their website or social media.

Here’s the ranking:-

1. Customer testimonials

2. On-demand product demonstration videos

3. Explainer and tutorial videos

4. Thought leader interviews

5. Project reviews and case studies

6. Live and on-demand webinars

7. Video blogs

8. Event videos

What is exciting about this finding is that it video testimonials are a cost effective yet powerful method of promoting your business and also a great way of engaging with your favourite clients.

If you are planning on filming some client testimonials we recommend trying to coordinate around three clients to film on the same day (if geographically possible) and film them in their work environment as it makes for more interesting viewing.


*Ascend2 is a team of research and marketing professionals providing Research-Based Demand Generation exclusively for marketing software and data companies, and digital marketing agencies. Ascend2’s process allows them to conduct primary research, create content and generate demand that addresses the specific business development needs of marketing solution firms.

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