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Video production has become a powerful marketing tool to communicate brand messages. In fact, research shows, the use of video on a website landing page can increase sales conversions by 80%. Whether you are after a corporate training video, animated explainers or promotional campaign clips, Laundry Lane can assist you with your project.


As a Sydney video production company, we understand the power of video to engage, inform, educate and inspire – reinforcing the importance of employing video production to communicate your brand message.

We believe in telling stories that enable our clients to engage more authentically with their audience.

Will CordukesDirector, Laundry Lane Productions

When approaching a Video Production Company to illustrate your message, there are a few things to consider.


1. Check the credentials of the creative team

Take time to get to know the people behind the creative team and check their credentials. After all, you will be collaborating with the team for a long time in order to bring your project to life. Find out about their educational backgrounds and certifications. Ask about the equipment they are using and the software that they use to edit videos. Inquire about their process from planning to post-production.

2. Find their most recent video projects

Most of the time, you will see the video production company’s portfolio readily available on their website. Watch some of their case studies and make a list of the videos that you are interested in. Observe the tone of the video as well as the music that they used. This will be handy during the planning stage when you want to capture a specific feel for your video project.

3. Talk to them about your company

After checking the video production company’s credentials and portfolio, it is only fair that you talk to them about your business too. This is helpful especially during the planning stage of your project. Using information about your brand, your values and your goals, the creative team will be able to create a video that will capture your company’s essence more accurately.

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