Event Video Production Sydney

With video production experience at countless events, Laundry Lane Productions bring expertise in a range of visual mediums and strategies in order to produce memorable and professional content for your organisation.

Why Use Laundry Lane Productions for your Event?

We’ve been lucky enough to attend and record a variety of public occasions, such as Harmony Day, HIC conference, City of Sydney’s “City Talks, ” and Medical Training programs for NSW Health.

Why use a professional video production agency at your event? With the growing necessity of video as part of digital marketing strategies, it’s important to record and preserve events to maximise exposure to your organisation’s message.

We Cover a Wide Range of Events, including:

– Public Events
– Conferences
– Ceremonies
– Launch parties
– Awards ceremonies
– Meetings
– Vox pops

What Are The Benefits of Documenting My Event?

There are many benefits to employing professional video production services to capture your event – from the authentic individual moments, to the emotion, excitement, and your organisation’s fundamental message.

Footage can be used as promotional material, as well as to raise awareness, record achievements, and document creative or educational public initiatives. Your event can be preserved and broadcast anywhere – eliminating discrimination amongst demographics that can physically attend the event.

Why Use a Video Production Agency for your Event?

Utilising a video production company to document your event ensures the coverage is professional and engaging.

We employ our production experience to enhance visual storytelling, bringing expertise in cinematography and emerging technologies like drone and GoPro footage in order to capture all angles of your event – in Sydney and all over Australia.

For innovative solutions, Laundry Lane also offers a range of motion graphics and 3D animation that can be integrated with live streaming and real time editing to create even more memorable or informative event content.

Ready to get started on your next project?

Video production Sydney based agency, Laundry Lane Productions is a group of passionate filmmakers, animators, editors, writers and producers that are ready to take on your corporate video production needs. Our unique approach is to fully understand the needs and demands of your project and work in collaboration with you to create “video with heart” – video that creates connection by focussing on real people and genuine emotion.

Event Video Production Sydney
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Event Video Production Sydney
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