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Training Video Production

As a leading Sydney Video Production Company, Laundry Lane has witnessed the development of video production in the workplace firsthand – proving hugely beneficial in helping businesses communicate, educate and engage with employees. Video is one of the most effective training tools available. Due to its audio-visual nature, it can bring some elements of communication that are otherwise not present in other mediums for training. And, when executed well, it can do this in a very personal, human way. Corporate training video production is a cost effective investment for organisations, as it allows for the creation of a video library that can be accessed by employees at a place and time that suits them – and can negate the need for (and expense of) training days and off sites.

Why Educate with Video?

Visual content can be integrated as part of broader informative programs to demonstrate best practice & procedures, staff training, orientation, as well as workplace health. With extensive experience as a video production company in the Corporate and Health sectors, Laundry Lane has assisted Northrop Engineering, Department of Employment, King & Wood Mallesons, Sydney Trains, and many other clients, engage with employees and illustrate their important messages through VIDEO.  

“Viewers engage more effectively with visual stimuli – retaining 90% of video messaging, compared to only 10% of what they read. Because of this, constructing engaging video content is essential as a training tool to promote information retention – creating a safer & more efficient workplace.”

Take Heart Australia – Learn CPR

Take Heart Australia – Learn CPR Take Heart is a not for Profit that aims to increase the number of people in Australian who know how to perform CPR. We made a series of training videos for website and social media.

How Can Video Improve Your Organisations Training & Efficiency?

Why is digital content such an important a part of corporate strategies and learning pathways? The University of Queensland identified the benefits of educational video:

  • Promoting problem solving
  • Facilitating reflection and evaluation
  • Allowing viewers to grasping more difficult concepts,
  • Providing the opportunity for audiences to learn at varied paces
  • Assisting viewers to create their own authentic material

Still need convincing? Video’s inherent accessibility means that you can educate people anywhere, anytime; whilst still increasing demonstrative learning (eg. best safe practice videos,) which is proven to create more efficient workplaces.

How Can Video More Effectively Convey Complex or Sensitive Information?

Educational video also provides a platform to illustrate complex or sensitive information to students and employees. Medical explainer videos can utilise visual storytelling and other tools, such as animation and motion graphics, to transcend the limitations of written words and unpack complex concepts. Video’s ability to communicate complicated medical jargon is a huge development in the industry and is already making an impact on learning pathways in healthcare. Choosing a production company experienced in educational healthcare content is essential. As leaders in the health video industry, Laundry Lane creates immersive content for clients whilst still facilitating more efficient learning processes. This ensures a compassionate approach to storytelling, enabling clients to inform, educate, and portray authentic voices that genuinely help people.

The ability of video to be watched anywhere, anytime means it can be used to convey sensitive or emotional information to audiences from the privacy of a personal digital device. Proper attention to scripting and planning means that video can be constructed in a way that can draw on authentic stories and deliver the message with an appropriate tone to help ensure a broader acceptance and adoption of the content. Training videos are another smart way to broaden your video production strategy. 

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Training Video Production
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