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As a leading Sydney Video Production Company, Laundry Lane have a dedicated team of experts who excel in all forms of animation and explainer video production. We pride ourselves on the unique approach we take for each video production project and strive to provide our clients with a finished video that is both engaging and set up for optimal success online.

The visually instructive properties of video make it a highly effective educational tool, simplifying complex concepts and facilitating information retention. Because of this, animated explainer videos are transforming sectors like healthcare and corporate training – illustrating best practices, staff training, orientation, workplace health, as well as unpacking complicated topics like medical jargon. Motion Graphics are an important tool in the world of educational video, overcoming the limitations of live footage and allowing difficult ideas to be deconstructed visually (and, most importantly, be portrayed engagingly!)


Australian Cyber Security Centre


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What We Did

We took a bold colour palette and modern take on ‘retro’ to deliver two eye-catching animated explainer clips.

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