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Animation & Motion Graphics

Animation can bring any concept to life, and is therefore an element of video production that should not be overlooked.

Smart use of animation and motion graphics can potentially overcome limitations of live action video such as the inherent bias of using human ‘talent’ and the explanation of complex ideas. Animation allows your message to be illustrated in an easily digested format that catches the eye. Laundry Lane has created video content to bring to life the visions of clients such as the Australian Cyber Security Centre, Hays Recruitment, Sydney Trains, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Northrop, North Sydney Council, and the Department of Jobs and Small Business in a way that allows them to engage their audience in unique ways. Utilising custom (branded) motion graphics and animation helps your video clips stand out and gain more traction in the clutter of today’s media market. So as well as being a stylistic choice, animation can build on the visually instructive properties of video and brings scope to unpack complex, abstract concepts.

Animation/Motion Graphics Reel

Animation Reel

Laundry Lane Productions

As well as being a stylistic choice, animation can build on the visually instructive properties of video and brings scope to unpack complex, abstract concepts.

Our latest projects


The Medicines Ecosystem

Bringing new medicines to patients is challenging. This explainer video shows how the journey of developing new medicines brings together different organisations and people who are driven by the desire to make a real impact on people’s lives.

Breast Cancer Trials

What is a clinical trial?

We created two animated explainer videos for Breast Cancer Trials – this video “What is a clinical trial?” and another video “Why participate in a clinical trial?”

Dept of Foreign Affairs & Trade

Trade Through Time

Despite the challenges in translating a topic considered ‘dry’ by a young audience into exciting content, we constructed four high-energy animations that presented clear call-to-actions for high-schoolers to visit the ‘Trade Through Time’ website.

Dept of Jobs & Small Business

Youth Jobs PaTH

In order to encourage participation in the Youth Jobs PaTH program, we produced animated content targeting both job-seekers and employers, whilst a uniform animation aesthetic tied the series together and helped viewers navigate the website.

City of Parramatta

Liveable Parramatta

An innovative combination of still images and animation, we created both four engaging social media clips to promote the City of Parramatta as well as a longer, more informative video.

City of Parramatta

Liveable Parramatta

The video’s coalescing of live footage and animation creates lively and informative visuals.


Asthma Awareness Plan

In order to create two pre-roll ads for YouTube, we implemented a striking 3D animation and enhanced the video with sound effects to capture viewer attention.


Overview Video

For this corporate overview video, intended for presentations and ACIAR’s website, we worked with existing footage and did the scripting, design and voiceover.

Dept of Jobs & Small Business


Our creative approach to these short animations was text-driven, allowing the videos to be played in waiting or reception areas of employment centres with the sound off. Sound effects add an additional dimension for online distribution.

Australian Cyber Security Center

Self-JCSC - Become a Partner

To bring to life the animation brief of the Joint Cyber Security Centres, we took a bespoke, quirky approach, with a vibrant colour palette and sound effects helping explain the purpose of the centres and reinforce the call-to-action recruiting more businesses into the JCSC community.

The Smith Family


Producing content for The Smith Family’s social media campaign required a creative approach, whilst we also did the voiceover and talent sourcing.

Resiliance @ Law

Staying Well in the Law

Part of a three part series commissioned by a group of top tier law firms, these videos aim to address mental health in law. We animated illustrator Matthew Johnstone’s drawings to produce eye-catching and informative content.

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Hays commissioned Laundry Lane to produce an animation about our Hays Salary Guide. They were great to work with and we are really happy with the product. We look forward to working with them again.

– HAYS Recruitment