Real Footage + Motion Graphics = High Impact


Campaign strategies revolve around audience exposure to a wide range of visual platforms

Laundry Lane has produced content for a broad range of campaigns spanning sectors like Health, Corporate, and Government – including the Cancer Institute NSW, Attorney- General’s Department, Breast Cancer Trials, National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), Aftercare, Department of Social Services, and Northern Beaches Council. In order to promote your message and stand out from the crowd, campaign video is an essential tool to engage viewers. Businesses can implement a range of media, from short, eye-catching videos that spark viewer interest and foster brand recognition, (like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) to more in-depth formats. Distributing longer clips on platforms like Youtube or Vimeo provides an opportunity to distribute more informative, engaging stories where viewers can follow up interest precipitated on other streams of media.

Featured Project

Attorney General's Dept

Stay Smart Online

In developing campaign videos to encourage greater cyber security awareness, we utilised motion graphics over real footage to reinforce messages and build a coherent aesthetic as part of the Stay Smart Online movement.

Our latest projects

The Smith Family


Producing content for The Smith Family’s social media campaign required a creative approach, whilst we also did the voiceover and talent sourcing. The social media cuts were constructed with mobile viewing in mind, with a square format for different platforms.

Cancer Institute NSW

Bowel Cancer Screening

Working with Cancer Institute NSW to raise awareness about testing kits involved spending meaningful time with each interviewee – translating their story into informative and motivating videos, enhanced by both motion graphics & animated statistics.

Cancer Council

Cancer research

This series of case studies highlights the brilliant work of several researchers in the cancer space, and how CCA’s support has helped them in their studies. As part of this authentic storytelling approach, we traveled around Australia to film the researchers in situ at their research centres.

Department of Jobs

Youth Jobs PaTH

In order to encourage participation in the Youth Jobs PaTH program, we produced animated content targeting both job-seekers and employers, whilst a uniform animation aesthetic tied the series together and helped viewers navigate the website.

City of Parramatta

Liveable Parramatta

An innovative combination of still images and animation, we created both four engaging social media clips to promote the City of Parramatta as well as a longer, more informative video.

ASIC 'Women Talk Money'

Women Talk Money

We produced a series that opens up a dialogue for Australian women to feel comfortable discussing financial issues. Featuring media personalities like Jane Caro and Kate Ritchie, the video used motion graphics to reinforce key messages and link the information back to ASIC’s website and online tools.

North Sydney Council

North Sydney Council LGA

In producing a promotional video series for the North Sydney LGA, we utilised drone and GoPro footage to capture the excitement and evocative sensory experience of the area, encouraging viewer engagement.

Attorney-General’s Department

Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the NT

This project aimed to raise national awareness about issues surrounding child protection and detention in the NT. Recognising the importance of portraying this with authenticity and sensitivity, we adopted a multi-media approach, creating a sophisticated range of videos, audio, graphics, and stills.

Breast Cancer Trials

Australia & New Zealand Breast Cancer Trials

In order to encourage further national participation in Breast Cancer Trials, we captured authentic, intimate interviews and shots of participants, adding a balance of perspectives and a human element to the complex medical jargon broken down in the clips.

Australian Dental Association

Dental Congress

Our team filmed interviews with leading dental specialists in the US, Canada, UK and Australia. We produced 8 case study videos with social media cutdown, congress promo video, congress highlights and closing videos.

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