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video production Sydney

We are experts in corporate video production, motion graphics and animation, and love to hone our skills on challenging projects . Speak to us today on (02) 8096 5431 for more information.

Video plays an important role in brand communication—video can inform, clarify, inspire and educate. As a leading video production Sydney agency, we understand the importance of video to your brand. We aim to communicate your brand and message in a way that finds the human element of a story. This approach is at the core of everything we do. We call it ‘video with heart’.

Understanding and communicating key messages can be a challenging task when a company decides to start a project with a video production agency. Lucky for you, we are your go-to creatives for video production Sydney-based. We leverage our experience in the interviewing, production and editing process to ensure our clients feels supported and confident in the process. If you searched video production Sydney and we popped up then give us a call – it was meant to be.

3 Tips for a Successful Video Production

A promotional video must be able to communicate a message effectively . If it is about your brand, it should be able to relay your company values as well as the unique selling proposition. Below are tips to make your video production a successful one:

1. Know your audience
Your video production will always revolve around your target audience. The first step in creating your video is defining who your target audience is and tailor it to their interests. Are you speaking to a conference full of industry experts or are you targeting potential customers to purchase your products? The general concept, the tone and the voice of your video will all depend on your audience. Having a general appeal is fine but if you want a more responsive and engaged audience, then a targeted video is better.

2. Hone your message
Ideally, your video should have one single message that you want to impart to your target audience. You need to be specific about the purpose of your video early on. If you try to get a lot of points across, you may lose your audience’s interest in your video. In general, the simpler the message, the more effective it is.

3. Show, don’t tell
What makes the video medium powerful is its audiovisual nature. You need to capitalise on this by showing off what your business can do instead of just talking about it. Consumers tend to respond well with visuals and they can understand more easily if you tug with their heartstrings. Keep your audience interested by showing, and not telling.

Laundry Lane Video Production Sydney

When you have finished brainstorming for your concept, it is time to hand your video production to the professionals. Laundry Lane Productions is a creative collective of talented filmmakers, producers, animators, and experts in video production for multiple industries. Whether you are making a health infomercial or a corporate training video for new hires, our creative team can provide real results for your video project.

video production Sydney Laundry Lane Productions

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