Animation Vs Live Action Videos

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Animation Vs Live Action Videos

Real Footage + Motion Graphics = High Impact


In today’s overcrowded media landscape, combining animation with live-action video is an innovative way to help your video content stand out.

Animation can be used to bring any concept to fruition. Animated text and images can be used to reinforce the messages being presented in live action video – meaning you can illustrate your message in a completely unique & easily understood format. This hybrid style (real video footage + motion graphics) is a powerful communication tool that is eye-catching, emotive and informative. Research has also proven that this technique also results in high memory retention.


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Why use animated overlays?  There are many ways in which this type of content can help you push boundaries and expand the reach of your message.


If you’re aiming to distribute video content that will encourage your target audience to engage or take action, you need to focus on developing attention-grabbing clips that will resonate with your viewers. Animated overlay content is eye-catching and stands out from other video marketing techniques, building traction through capturing your audience’s attention and encouraging them to share. Using motion graphics to add these entertaining details is particularly important if your organisation’s goal is to raise awareness or construct a community of viewers.

Where can this be distributed?  You can employ a range of platforms from short, attention-grabbing social media videos, to fascinating case studies that hook viewers with authentic stories.


As well as being a creative choice, animation builds on the visually instructive properties of video, helping your video clips stand out and gain more traction in an oversaturated media market. It’s proven that viewers engage more effectively with visual stimuli, retaining 90% of video messaging, compared to only 10% of what they read. This makes video an essential tool to simplify complex concepts and facilitate information retention.

Animation further enhances video’s ability to visualise complicated topics, with limitless potential of what can be portrayed on screen. Because of this, video used to educate is transforming sectors like Healthcare and corporate training –  illustrating best practices, staff training, orientation, workplace health, as well as unpacking complicated topics like medical jargon. For internal audiences, animation is revolutionising corporate communication and workplace training. Videos can be enhanced by motion graphics to ensure the content is both engaging and informative.

Videos of this style can also be created for broader online learning programs or be used to explain specific information and procedures.  


The Not-For-Profit and Health sectors have seen a massive adoption of video communication. Why? Video’s ability to inspire and emote.

By overlaying real stories with instructive animation, clips can be utilised to motivate and uplift, promoting authentic stories and voices that connect with viewers undergoing similar issues or facing the same obstacles.


Video is becoming more and more necessary for any public campaign – and by utilising motion graphic overlays, your content can help raise awareness, distribute important public messages, or promote information surrounding community livelihoods.

We would love to hear about your next video project and how animation or live action video can help you convey your message to your target audience.

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Animation Vs Live Action Videos
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