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Case Study: Australian Dental Congress 2019


Client: The Australian Dental Association (the peak national body for dentists).

Project duration: 5 months

Laundry Lane Health was commissioned by the Australian Dental Association (ADA) to produce a broad range of video content that would firstly assist in promoting the event in the lead up, secondly highlight keynote speakers at the actual event and lastly promote activities and highlights during and post the congress.

Part A – International Case Studies

Our Laundry Lane team, consisting of Jess (Producer) and Alex (videographer), travelled to the US (New York, San Francisco & Denver), Canada (Montreal) and the UK (Lancashire) to capture interviews with the keynote speakers that had been invited to present at the Congress. These were all leaders in their fields of expertise which included prosthodontics, periodontics and endodontics.

On return, these interviews were edited into 6 video case studies and 6 social media clips. ‘Hero’ shots of each dentist were morphed into a pop art graphic treatment, in line with the Congress’ pop art branding.  Bold, pop art style captions were also applied to each social media clip to ensure maximum audience engagement online. The videos were promoted on the Congress website and on social media. 

We also created two promotional videos for the Congress for ADA’s social media channels and website.

Part B – Local Case Studies

Laundry Lane filmed a further three local dental experts who were also going to be keynote speakers at the Congress. As with the other case studies, these were edited into two minute videos with social media cut downs.

Part C – Speaker Intro Videos

Our team produced 12 introductory videos (30 seconds and 15 seconds) to play as each keynote speaker walked onto the stage. These were high energy, fast-paced edits to grab the audience’s attention.

Part D – Event Highlight Videos

Adelaide – Filming at the Congress

Our team, Jess and Alex, headed off to Adelaide for three days and captured vox pops and highlights of the opening night and also the following days of the event. They created two highlights videos – one that was played on day 2 of the Congress and the other at the closing ceremony of Congress.


The Laundry Lane team loved working on this project. It required an intensive filming schedule with tight time frames for the delivery of the videos. We delivered all project elements on time and had wonderful feedback from our client, claiming the event’s unprecedented ticket sales were directly linked to our promotional videos. The videos also significantly enhanced our client’s online audience engagement.

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Video Content for Conferences and Events
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Video Content for Conferences and Events
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