How to Storyboard A Medical Explainer Video

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Creating a video is already a complex task, but creating a medical explainer video is taking it to the next level. The aim of a health explainer video is to drop the jargon and make an audience understand medical concepts with ease. Crafting a video for an industry that relies on facts and technical concepts require a lot of creativity and a whole lot of planning. And for that, you need a storyboard.

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What is a storyboard?

A storyboard is a series of sketches that visualises the elements that will appear in a video and how the sequence will unfold. It describes what happens shot by shot by aiding the script and putting the elements in a clear narrative.

Creating a storyboard is an important part of the video production process. It improves the communication of members as it puts the production team on the same page. It keeps the whole production well-organized. Most importantly, it saves you time in the long run, especially when you need some revisions.

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Steps on how we storyboard your medical explainer video

Our team take your creative brief, branding and script (we can develop this for you) and create a storyboard that brings your vision and message to life. A storyboard can involve 100% motion graphics or be a combination of real images and motion graphics. Here are the steps on how we storyboard your medical explainer video.

1. Create script

Once we have collaborated with our client and agreed on the script we can proceed to storyboarding each of the script elements.

2. Add lines of script under the boxes.

A line of script is added to each of the storyboard frames. Since medical explainer videos can be heavy with facts, some of the styleframes may just be creative text.

3. Sketch the scene inside the boxes.

Our designers often start with pencil and paper… drawing how the scene will play out visually. These are often rough sketches that help them form their creative approach to the project.

4. Visual design and creation

Our designers then turn their sketches into single frames that then make up the storyboard. These frames are full colour and will show the client exactly how their video will look. Once the client reviews the storyboard final changes can then be made before the animation process begins.

Creating a storyboard for your medical explainer video can be daunting, but it is also an exciting process where we turn your vision into reality.

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How to Storyboard my Medical Explainer Video
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How to Storyboard my Medical Explainer Video
Do you have a medical explainer video project? Let’s start the conversation. Contact our video production Sydney team on (02) 8096 5431 today!
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