Successful Ways to Use Video for Internal Communications

Video is increasingly been used as a communication tool within organisations. Studies have shown that people are far more likely to remember video content over text based content, so it comes as no surprise that more organisations are investing in video content in an increased effort to educate and engage staff members.

With large numbers of staff and often geographically dispersed offices, many businesses and organisations find video communication highly effective with many benefits, including:

  • Educate employees about certain topics, systems or processes.
  • Aid information retention. Videos are far more engaging than text based communications therefore staff members are more likely to remember the video content.
  • Allow for sometimes complex processes to be broken down into easily digestible segments.
  • Facilitates and encourages a better company culture. When onboarding new staff members for example, it can present the company in an authentic and human way, allowing for better connections to be established.
  • Increase workplace efficiency and productivity.

We have worked on various types of internal communications videos for our clients – one of the most recent being this video we created for eHealth NSW who were about to launch their new staff cloud-based platform, ‘SARA’. With a health workforce of over 10,000 staff spread across NSW, the aim was to reduce the burden on clinical staff with a fast and easy system.

The aim of this video was to demonstrate to staff what SARA was, how it could be accessed and how it would be helpful to them in areas such as IT, payroll, recruitment, finance and procurement.

Several staff members were interviewed to demonstrate the ease of using the platform. A staff to staff testimonial is often much better received as it is less instructional and more relatable.

We used animated text and icons to highlight key features of the platform. Staff interviews were filmed using a mix of close-ups and broll footage.

The video ends with a strong call-to-action to staff to log on and get started on the platform. This internal communication video has been very effective in getting staff onboard and using SARA. It is friendly and informative and takes a peer to peer approach rather than a top down approach.


So, given our most recent example for eHealth NSW, how else can internal communications videos be used successfully?

  • Employee Onboarding

There is a lot of information to take in when starting a new job. By investing in video content and presenting new employees with information in a clear & engaging way, it streamlines the process, making it as efficient as possible and saving a lot of time. Video also presents an opportunity to introduce new employees to the team & company culture which adds a human element.

  • Training

Every training process, no matter how complex it may be, needs to be communicated in a digestible and easily understood way. Video content performs far better than text-based manuals or verbal instructions when used to train employees.

  • Highlighting an Event/Conference

Capturing events and conferences is a great opportunity for organisations to gather quality video content which can be repurposed and used in a variety of ways, from internal communications to social media clips.

  • News and Updates

News and updates are much more interesting when presented in video format, allowing for organisations to present the latest company news in a simple and concise manner.

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