Meet our new Head of Animation… Kalp Sanghvi! Kalp is an animator and illustrator from Kolkata, India. He graduated from the National Institute of Design, India in 2016 and has since worked with a large range of clients: Amazon Prime, Nickelodeon, Penguin Books, Wildlife Trust of India, Doctors without borders (MSF), Sony Entertainment, Animal Planet, DLF, A.R. Rahman and The Los Angeles Philharmonic, among others. Kalp started working in Australia in February, 2022. We are super excited having him here to head up our animation team.

Check out Kalp’s highly acclaimed short film ‘Wade’, which he co-directed and wrote ->

Hey Kalp, welcome to the office! You are a fantastic animator and we are very happy to have you!

KALP – Thanks, I am very glad to be here!

When did you get into animating?

KALP – Oh wow, it was a while back! I’ve enjoyed sketching and drawing since forever. After highschool I moved to my aunt’s place in Kolkata. There was a really nice uni in that state called the National Institute of Design which had a great design course. My first year was a foundation course year where you had to explore a range of disciplines. I got to see a lot of animators and their work in college. After attending the student animation film festival event, I was like… yeah, this is pretty cool, I wanna do this.

Amazing! Do you have any animation inspirations?

KALP – It’s always changing. Currently I would say this film that Hayao Miyazaki recently released called The Boy and the Heron. Miyazaki was supposed to retire, which he keeps saying every year, and then after 10 years this film has hit theatres with zero marketing, zero trailer. So cool. Definitely looking forward to seeing that because all of his past work has been amazing.

In your eyes, what makes animation such a powerful communication tool?

KALP – The scope of animation is literally limitless. There is so much you can do. With 2D animation, which I specialise in, you can literally just sit in a room and create universes and whole worlds just through drawing. That amazes me and inspires me to create more.

Is there an area in animation which you want to focus on here at Laundry Lane?

KALP – Yeah definitely! The last couple of years I’ve been doing a lot of mixed media (mixing different styles and mediums – video and animation, 3D and 2D, stop motion and 2D…) and that’s something I really want to experiment with here at Laundry Lane.