Planning Video Content For Events & Conferences

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With so many competing industry conferences and events, often the biggest challenge is getting people to sign up and attend.  Event video production captures the whole mood of the event, from the build up & excitement to individual moments and most importantly, your overall message.

This is where video can help you attract the right people and get them excited about your event.

How Can You Do This?

1. Recycle footage from your event the previous year with added motion graphic text and voiceover (optional) to talk about the exciting things you have planned for this event.

2. If you don’t have footage, you can create video from photos which can also be very effective.

3. Interview keynote speakers and other thought leaders who will be attending your conference. Video testimonials are an excellent way to promote your event.

So, what kinds of content can you capture?

Conference Opening Videos

These videos require time to plan and often require higher budgets, but they are extremely impactful.

Opening a conference or event with a powerful video that reminds people why they are there and what they are part of creates energy and excitement that can boost the level of engagement.

Highlights video

These videos capture the essence of your event. They are usually dynamic shots capturing speakers, networking, exhibitors, entertainments and interspersed with some vox pops from industry leaders and attendees.

Social media content

Whether or not your conference is a one day, one evening or a three day event, short digestible content is great to push out during or immediately after the event.

This is called ‘real time’ video where we film and edit on site. This enables you to upload and share content in a relevant and timely manner whilst the excitement of the event is still alive.

People love engaging with ‘real time’ video content and it is a great way to highlight key learnings or highlights from the days event and keep the conversation going.

Social Media videos can range from 15 second quotes to 2 minute interviews. They are optimised for your social media platforms so that they get maximum impact.

For example, Facebook videos are delivered in square format as they take up more real estate on viewers phones. As most of your social media content will be viewed on peoples smart phones, we suggest adding captions to all video products as over 80% of content is viewed with sound off.

Speaker Intros

It is great to give your audience a visual background of your key note speakers as they walk to the stage. These are often silent as a music track is played to accompany the video footage.

Long Form Interviews

Film two key industry experts in conversation. Planning in advance with the speakers so that they can fit the filming into their busy conference schedule is essential. Also having a quiet place that filming can take place is important. A media screen with your logo is often a perfect backdrop.

Video presentations

Capturing your keynote speakers presentations and Q&A’s is often important as attendees can refer back to talks or those who have been unable to attend the event can view the content online.

The best way for us to capture presentations is to film with two cameras – one on the speaker and the other on the audience. We then insert the powerpoint presentation into the video in post production. This ensures that the slides are clear and easy to read.



Conference & Event Video Package

This includes short animated videos that can be played on loop for conference openers. They often include an animated logo and sponsor logos.

If your event has an awards component then we can create animated nominee and winners videos. These may just include animated text and a photo or they can include a short with video of the person and their achievements.

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Planning Video Content For Events & Conferences
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Planning Video Content For Events & Conferences
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