Case studies are the antithesis of the traditional corporate video. We are not trying to WOW and impress, we are trying to connect.

The Case for Video Case Studies

The Case for Video Case Studies

At the heart of Laundry Lane are Will and Alexandra Cordukes, who are passionate about bringing their clients’ stories to life. They, along with their talented team, employ a variety of techniques to fulfil this aim, but it is one of the simplest formats that often has the most power…the video case study (VCS).

As Will says, a case study is “an impactful and cost effective way for our clients to get their message across whether they are a not for profit or a corporate”. He adds that they “bring to life important universal themes about an issue”. It’s not just Laundry Lane that recognises the power of a video case study; according to UK Content Marketing Institute ‘63% of UK marketers believe that case studies are an effective marketing tactic.’

While statistics can tell a marketeer one story, Laundry Lane believes a VCS’ effectiveness is measured in more than numbers. Alexandra explains that “by capturing a personal journey, you immediately humanise an issue and viewers can instantly relate it back to their own lives and experiences”.

If you capture this personal journey in the right manner you can achieve what Will feels is the Holy Grail of the VCS – empathy. Will is a passionate believer that “when empathy kicks in – it is the sure road to creating awareness, encouraging sharing amongst others, and ultimately to advocacy.”

For those considering the VCS as a promotional or marketing tool, not only can it be employed by a range of entities to bring their story or product to life, it also presents a great point of difference to most run-of-the-mill corporate videos. “Case studies are the antithesis of the traditional corporate video. We are not trying to WOW and impress, we are trying to connect,” says Alexandra.

To reinforce Laundry Lane’s expertise and passion for this video format, and illustrate its potential power, watch this video with Mick.

Client: Zest Health Strategies
Project: Beyond Five (Head & Neck Cancer website)

Post written by Ben Nichols

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