Why Use Text on Screen?

By October 4, 2019 February 2nd, 2024 Video Styles

In today’s digital age, we have more of an understanding about the impact of text on screen and how people engage with video content. More and more organisations are choosing to add text and captions to their video content before it is distributed across social media platforms, and for good reason. In order to stand out from the digital clutter that we are exposed to today, it’s important that organisations consider all options that will help their video stand out.

Why add text to video?

The number of internet users who watch video content with the sound off is increasing, therefore if you are to ignore the facts and exclude captions from your video content, your content will not be accessible to everyone. At Laundry Lane Productions, we always recommend including captions in video content for social media. This also has other benefits, including contributions towards your SEO. There are numerous ways in which you can add text to videos, from closed or open captions to text overlays.

While open and closed captions are always a good option for your video content, it is important to consider other options that can have more of an impact on your video.

Motion graphic text can be so impactful and significantly enhance the engagement rate of your video. With the massive rise in video content, there is fierce competition to get your video seen. Animated text can be just one way of helping your video stand out. It can also peak interest by asking a question, making a bold statement or it can highlight key words, key topics or be educational. The creative options are endless and can be tailored to fit with your branding.

Here are examples of text on screen:

One technique we love is called rotoscoping. This is where we make the text appear behind an object or person using Adobe After Effects.

In this 3D video animated text and icons were integrated into the sky to highlight key statistics. 

The text in this video is fairly basic but is really effective in highlighting the risks of sun cancer when on the golf course. We used drone to film the aerial view of the golf course and then applied the animated text and graphics to the footage.

In this video we used 3D animated text that was both suspended in the air and placed in different scenes. This technique gives the video the extra wow factor and again highlights key words.

Laundry Lane Productions

We hope some of these examples have enlightened you about the impact text on screen can have on your video.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We’d love to hear about your next video project!

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