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As a leading Sydney video production company, we are driven by the things we love; uncovering the emotion and human angle in a story, conducting interviews with sensitivity and compassion and drawing out those unexpected gems that makes a video (and your audience) light up.

We call it 'Video With Heart'

‘Video with Heart’ is at the core of everything we do. It is finding the heart of the story, bringing empathy and understanding to our creative approach, interviews and editing.

We strongly believe that video is the most powerful tool for creating awareness and positive change. Our team is committed to bringing ‘heart’ to everything we do. This means a focus on producing authentic video content that’s inspirational, educational, or promoting products, services and programs that better the lives of others.

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Video is changing the way we communicate in Healthcare.

We are proud to work closely with many of the leading providers across the healthcare industry in Australia. From research departments to major hospitals, medical technology companies and various government departments and agencies, Laundry Lane Productions brings a fresh eye and a creative approach to everything we do. We are specialists in finding the human element of a story, getting past the jargon, focusing on real people and genuine emotion. We have found this has particular relevance in the area of health.

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Our experience in producing animation and video content for the Health and Not-For-Profit sector has stemmed from a deep understanding of the communication challenges and sensitivities present in these specialist areas.

& Not-For-Profit

Our experience in producing video content for the healthcare industry has developed from a deep understanding of the communication challenges that are present in this specialist area.

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In a landscape of modern communication,  video is a significant tool to illustrate important information. With extensive video production experience, Laundry Lane has produced content at all levels of government.

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In an increasingly digital corporate climate, adopting video communications strategies is essential in facilitating engagement with a corporate audience.

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Animation & Motion Graphics

Animation can bring any concept to fruition by obsolescing the limitations of live action video. It allows your message to be illustrated in a completely unique and easily processed format.

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“As health advocates, we understand the communication challenges of this specialist area. We listen to our clients and deliver video content that addresses their objectives and strengthens their connection with their target audience.”

– Alexandra Cordukes, Director, Laundry Lane Health

Laundry Lane Video Production

What We Offer

We understand how video fits in with your marketing strategy, and offer services including video strategy, campaign development, social media strategy, scripting and storyboarding that help build a stronger platform for video content. We have produced hundreds of videos for our clients with expertise in a range of purposes from events & conferences, corporate training video production, educational content and internal communications to promotional videos. We bring in exciting mediums such as 3d animation, motion graphics, timelapse and hyperlapse techniques to make your video standout from the crowd. We approach everything we do from the perspective of the audience. We first understand who they are, and what drives and motivates them. Only then can we create great content.

Case Studies
& Testimonials

Capturing the passion & energy of your customers/partners. Where possible, it’s always better to get your customers to sell for you.


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Animation &
Motion Graphics

This is a fun way to make informative and educational videos, ideal for info heavy content.


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Instructive, engaging, and capable of unpacking complex concepts, explainer videos are transforming communication in Corporate and Health sectors.

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Social Media

Our social media campaign strategies revolve around audience exposure to a wide range of media platforms.


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Drone &
Aerial Videos

Laundry Lane Productions uses Drone Footage as part of a broad cinematographic arsenal to help you visualise your message.

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& Education

‘How-to’ videos are increasingly sought out by viewers – opportunity to educate and add brand connection at the same time.


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Creative Call-To-Action

A combination of motion graphics & real footage to promote your message and stand out from the crowd.

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Telling your story, but in a way that creates value and emotional connection in the mind of your audience.


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& Events Videos

Laundry Lane specialise in creating real time video that captures the energy, excitment and key takeouts of your next event.


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