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Health Video Production

We are specialists in finding the human element of a story, getting past the jargon, focusing on real people and genuine emotion.

We have found that our unique approach has particular relevance in the area of health. Our experience in producing video content for the healthcare industry has developed from a deep understanding of the communication challenges that are present in this specialist area. The content that we create for our clients is dependent on their goals and objectives and is intended to strengthen the connection they have with their target audience. From explainer videos designed to educate patients, to internal training videos for staff, we take pride in the exceptional content that we deliver to our clients.

Featured Project

Medical Devices Fund

Bringing new medicines to patients is challenging. This animation shows how the journey of developing new medicines brings together different organisations and people who are driven by the desire to make a real impact on people’s lives.

Our latest projects

NPS MedicineWise

Giving Medicines to Kids: Tips from a nurse

We created a series of 3 videos for NPS MedicineWise about giving children the right dose of medicine in order to prevent over dosing resulting in poisoning. We interviewed a child life therapist, a pharmacist and a nurse. Each specialist gave their dosing tips and these were highlighted with motion graphics to reinforce the key messages.

NSW Office for Health & Medical Research

Improving Health Outcomes for Vulnerable Groups

The Medical Device Commercialisation Program is designed to increase the commercialisation literacy of their research and clinical population. This video showcases the innovative processes that program participants explore and integrate into their own projects.


Health Research and Translation Centres

We filmed a series of videos (4 case studies with shorter social media videos) for NHMRC about Advanced Health Research and Translation Centres and Centres for Innovation in Regional Health (Translation Centres). These are leading centres of excellence and collaboration in health and medical research, research translation, research-infused education and training and outstanding health care.



Improving Health Outcomes for Vulnerable Groups

This video was part of the series for NHMRC about Advanced Health Research and Translation Centres and Centres for Innovation in Regional Health (Translation Centres). Key stakeholders we interviewed about how this collaborative initiative will improve health outcomes for vulnerable groups.

NSW Ministry of Health

Medical Devices Fund

To visually represent these ground-breaking technologies, we integrated innovative design treatments using tracked motion graphics and fast-motion anchored shots using a gimbal device, tinted freeze-frames, and graphic overlays. 

NSW Ministry of Health

Medical Device Commercialisation Training Program

Building excitement around MDCTP and it’s importance in the Healthcare Industry was the objective in developing this video’s futuristic, innovative aesthetic – with 3D text and dynamic two-camera interviews to reinforce key messages.

Cancer Council Australia


This series of case studies highlights the brilliant work of several researchers in the cancer space, and how CCA’s support has helped them in their studies. As part of this authentic storytelling approach, we traveled around Australia to film the researchers in situ at their research centres.


Breast Cancer Trials

Panacea Trial

In order to encourage further national participation in Breast Cancer Trials, we captured authentic, intimate interviews and shots of participants, adding a balance of perspectives and a human element to the complex medical jargon broken down in the clips.

Medicine X

MS Explained

The case study was created for the Medicine X website and app. Each Medicine X case study is based on a real person and reflects their journey, diagnosis, copy and treatment as they live with their condition – in this case MS (multiple sclerosis.)

University of Sydney

Institute for Musculoskeletal Health

To officially launch the Institute for Musculoskeletal Health, we developed a video that incorporates all aspects of the Institute, tying together patient, researcher and clinician perspectives. We integrated animated slides to emphasise key statistics that demonstrate the Institute’s importance.

Australian Digital Health Agency

My Health Record Case Study

Using video to motivate and encourage people to register for a My Health Record, we intertwined personal stories with industry perspectives in order to validate the benefits of the record system and the positive impacts it is having across Australia.


30th Anniversary

The 30th Anniversary was a significant event for NHMRC CTC and they wanted both capture the essence of their organisation and give an overview of the incredible research work they do.

Drawn From Experience

Staying Well In The Law

Part of a three part series commissioned by a group of top tier law firms, these videos aim to address mental health in law. We animated illustrator Matthew Johnstone’s drawings to produce eye-catching and informative content.

University of Sydney

Project H2grow

We took a unique creative approach to this animation, using a ‘paper cut-out’ aesthetic to imitate stop-motion. The animation explains the purpose of the H2Grow program, researching the impact of growth and maturation on swimmer development.

Digital Health Agency

Evidence Review

To launch the Australian Digital Health Agency’s Evidence Review, we produced a sophisticated face-to-camera piece. We used a green screen to integrate motion graphics beside Meredith, reinforcing her key messages and explaining the purpose of the review.

Department of Health

Health Care Homes

Our campaign for the Health Care Home model spanned a variety of effective content – from case studies, focusing on General Practices to illustrate patient enrolment systems,  to instructional animated videos breaking down the process for health professionals, as well as an overarching video targeting consumers.

Australian Dental Association

World Dental Congress

Our team filmed interviews with leading dental specialists in the US, Canada, UK and Australia. We produced 8 case study videos with social media cutdown, congress promo video, congress highlights and closing videos.


Integrated Services Recruitment

Our video for Aftercare targeted qualified mental health professionals to recruit for their state wide clinics. The clip was shot at several Headspace locations so that potential employees could get a good feel for the organisation and its culture.

Wentworth Healthcare - NBMPHN

Alcohol & Other Drugs

When making this video it was important to emphasise the program’s strong focus on Aboriginal culture, achieved through an authentic soundtrack, sound bites, and footage of traditional Aboriginal activity. Voice-overs of participants de-identified the children while still adding significant impact to the content.

Cancer Institute NSW

Bowel Screening

Working with Cancer Institute NSW to raise awareness about Bowel Testing Kits involved spending meaningful time with each interviewee – translating their story into informative and motivating videos, enhanced by both motion graphics & animated statistics.

Sonic Clinical Services

Asthma Awareness

In order to create two pre-roll ads for YouTube, we implemented a striking 3D animation and enhanced the video with sound effects to capture viewer attention.

Sonic Clinical Services

Sports Medicine

This video is to be played in waiting and reception areas of healthcare centres, requiring text-driven visuals that are vibrant, bold, and engaging. The call-to-action, to book an appointment,  is succinct and clear.

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