Video Production Portfolio

Creating an effective video strategy for marketing, sales, and engagement has become a necessity for modern organisations.

Video content will increase the effectiveness and impact of your wider business strategy. As a full-service production company, Laundry Lane offer services across strategy creation and delivery of video and marketing strategy.
We have extensive experience creating customised video communications as part of wider strategies and implementing digital marketing campaigns. Having worked primarily with organisations across the Health, Not-For-Profit, Government and Corporate sectors we have worked on hundreds of successful projects and campaigns. Our strong focus on client service and effective communication underpins our consistent record of delivering projects on time and on budget.

Health Videos


There is now a growing need to educate, empower, inform and inspire patients, consumers and healthcare professionals with relevant and credible video content.

Not-For-Profit Videos


Video strategy is essential to build your profile, increase your engagement and support from current and potential donors.

Government Videos


Video provides a clear medium for government organisations to express who you are, what you do and your call to action.

Corporate Videos


Video is a powerful medium that can help people understand, engage with and support your brand.

Types of Videos

Choosing a video format and style is an important part of the production process.  At Laundry Lane we have experience creating many different types of videos.  Check out our work in different styles to see what might work for your next project.

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Case Studies

Case Studies are a meaningful, persuasive tool to create engaging and informative video campaigns.

Laundry Lane Explainer Videos Icon White Large

Informative, engaging, and capable of unpacking complex concepts, explainer videos are a wonderful communication tool.

Laundry Lane Promotional Videos Icon White Large

Brand videos, product videos and advertisements are all effective organisation communications.

Laundry Lane Animation Videos Icon White Large

Animation is informative, engaging, entertaining and can bring any concept to life.

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Video can be utilised across all aspects of the event process from planning and promotion to post-event engagement.

Laundry Lane Training Videos Icon White Large

Comprehensive training, onboarding or educational videos can be a valuable way of communicating with employees.

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Social Media

Creating and optimising video for social media is an effective way of your promoting your message.

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Video can be utilised across all aspects of the event process from planning and promotion to post-event engagement.

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Organisational Overview

Organisational overview videos are a great way of showing who you are and what you do.

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