Pharma Videos

Video builds relationships. Relationships build trust. Trust drives revenue.

Laundry Lane helps leading pharmaceutical brands and organisations produce and promote smart, strategic content that boosts awareness, engagement and growth. We understand healthcare communication and marketing and use our knowledge, expertise and creativity to create video content that engages and empowers patients, caregivers, HCPs and staff.

Digital innovation has brought about a dramatic shift in the healthcare landscape. From a consumer/patient perspective, people are taking charge of their own healthcare more than ever and want trusted information from recognisable brands/organisations to bring greater clarity and simplicity to their own healthcare decisions.

Video allows healthcare organisations to convey often complex & scientific information in an engaging, clear and digestible and relatable narrative. Educational videos can improve health literacy, self-efficacy, and patient satisfaction - increased knowledge and empowerment can lead to positive health behaviour change. This ever-increasing demand for quality, engaging information is providing opportunities for Pharma marketers to create real and authentic content that connects with their audiences.

Video Improves Patient Experiences

People who are suffering from a chronic health condition can experience a broad range of emotions (shock, confusion, anger, fear, anxiety) and physical symptoms are often concurrent with their emotional state. Ultimately, they want to feel understood, validated and to be given hope. By watching a patient case study video of someone with the same condition they can learn more, feel less alone, feel a greater sense of control and have more courage to take the next step in their health journey. The same applies for carers.

We now know that patients are investing great amounts of time in researching their medical conditions, treatments and side effects. When people are in the early stages of diagnosis and/or treatment, translating often complex medical concepts and terminology into clear and digestible videos can also really help patients navigate their healthcare journey in a more positive way.

When developing video, it is important to maintain a certain authenticity and human connection that many consumers are seeking. Ensure your video clearly addresses your audience – their concerns, what they value, and the types of service and outcomes to which they aspire.

Animation for Pharma

Animation is also a very effective patient communication tool. It allows your message to be illustrated in a completely unique and easily processed format. Animations or explainer videos can be used to simplify complex concepts and inform people in a fun and engaging way. For example, if you are explaining the way a drug treatment works on the body you may want to use animation (2D or 3D). The combination of animated motion graphics and 2D/3D diagrams with real footage is an excellent medium for patient education videos.

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