Video and animation are wonderful mediums to assist parents with ways in which to engage and interact with their children.

Most of a child’s brain development happens in the first 2000 days of their life (0-5 years old), so the time a parent spends connecting with their child is the most important thing they can do to build their brain and body. Research shows that children’s brains grow when they receive loving, human interaction.

Video and animation can be extremely useful in assisting new parents throughout the stages of their child’s development. Video and animation can be really helpful tool for parents when the content is evidence-based, culturally sensitive, and designed to promote positive interactions between parents and their children. Here are some reasons why video and animation can really assist parents with their child’s development:

MULTISENSORY ENGAGEMENT: Video and animation provide visual and aural demonstrations of various skills and techniques, making it easier for parents to understand and learn how to engage with their children effectively. Instead of simply reading about these, parents are able to see and hear models of healthy communication and emotional connection between parent and child. A wide variety of childhood skills can also be addressed in video and animation, from language development and social interactions to motor skills and problem-solving. Through combining visual elements with audio cues, learning is reinforced and memory retention is strengthened for both parents and children.

CULTURAL SENSITIVITY: Customised videos and animations (particularly through the use of voiceover and subtitles) aid this can address diverse cultural backgrounds, ensuring that parents from various communities can access relevant and relatable content.

FLEXIBLE AND REMOTE LEARNING: Videos and animations allow parents to learn at their own pace and convenience, catering to various schedules and preferences. Parents can revisit these videos and animations as often as needed, which is great for reinforcing their understanding of concepts and strategies over time. Additionally, video and animation are specifically vital when parents are unable to access in-person support, offering sources of remote guidance and instruction.

ENGAGING CHILDREN: Some videos and animations designed for parents can also involve children, making learning a shared experience and strengthening the parent-child bond.

At Laundry Lane we have produced both video and animated content to assist parents in the early stages of their child’s development: