Telling your Health Story Through Animation

By February 8, 2021 February 2nd, 2024 Video for Healthcare, Video Styles
Using animation in healthcare an article by Laundry Lane Productions

Animation has paved the way for relevant and reliable information to be relayed to patients, their carers and health care professionals.

Presenting health information in an easily digestible format enables the viewer to retain information easily and it’s storytelling dynamic ensures viewers are engaged. Here are some core benefits:

Improves Health Literacy 

Health information can be difficult for people to process, therefore it’s important that it’s presented in an easily digestible format that can be understood and retained. Delivering important health information through animations ensures patients, carers and HCP’s have more of an understanding of health issues and the benefits of treatment. 

Increases Information Retention

A study completed by Brown University found that patients only retain 49% of the information they receive from their doctors. This runs the risk of people not receiving the right treatment as a result of not being able to remember the information delivered by their doctor or specialist. Presenting health information through animation enables patients to engage and connect directly with the information being presented to them. 

Patients aren’t the only ones who can benefit from animated explainer videos, they are also beneficial for health care professionals receiving information on new practices and procedures. This also helps with consistency, ensuring all medical professionals receive the same information across the board.


Many patients struggle to understand the information they’ve received from health professionals which can cause confusion and situations where feel the need to contact their doctor or specialist for clarification, often needlessly. Ultimately, this can take up a lot of time. Animated health videos offer a multitude of uses that allow health care professionals to make the most of their time.

For example, pre-surgery videos are beneficial in educating patients on what they can expect, as well as frequently asked questions and potential side effects.

Used Anywhere

One of the main reasons why an increasing amount of healthcare information is being presented through animated explainer videos is because they can be viewed in any setting at any time. Videos can be viewed in waiting rooms before a check-up or online in the comfort of a patient’s home.

Given the current COVID19 restrictions, video animation is more important than ever for the healthcare industry serving as one of the premier formats that both engages with patients while overcoming the physical barriers of social distancing regulations.


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